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RuPaul Says He Cried After Recent ‘Drag Race UK Vs The World’ Elimination

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RuPaul visited The Graham Norton Show and admitted that he cried after the latest elimination on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK Vs The World. The Emmy Award winner also discussed his early days with Madonna, and the drag scene back during the 90s. The queen of drag was in tip-top comedic form as he told stories that had the audience as well as other featured guests laughing out loud.

The “Sissy That Walk” singer briefly touched on a recent episode of Drag Race UK. Norton showed the audience a clip from the latest installment of the show. The scene showed challenge winner Blu Hydrangea eliminating Pangina Heals from the competition, despite the Thai queen having been a frontrunner throughout the contest.

The elimination was one of the most shocking moments from any Drag Race franchise. RuPaul was also visibly surprised during the episode. After being eliminated Pangina broke down in tears and apologized to her home country. The crying continued, even off camera. RuPaul remembered the “gut-wrenching” scene.

“It was tragic. The girls have their hopes up real high. It is gut-wrenching when it happens,” RuPaul said. “They have made it this far only to be slashed by one of their sisters.” He recalled.

Norton, who is also a host on the hit reality Tv show competition, but was not filming during this scene, could not believe what took place and called the scene one of the “best moments on television.” RuPaul also admitted that he “cried” after the recent elimination.

From Madonna to ‘Drag Race UK Vs The World

During his sit down with Norton RuPaul reminisced about his early days as a drag queen. He was excited and cracked jokes about the night scene in New York City and the fun that he had as he continued to evolve into the groundbreaking entertainer that he is today.

“Darling we had to make our own lipstick out of blubber,” RuPaul joked. “Blubber and beet juice.”

After years of being the face of drag RuPaul says that he would not be able to do drag just for fun now. The singer discussed that after the early days of “terrorizing New York City” he had to calm down once he became famous.

Before his segment ended RuPaul remembered his punk rock days. Some fans may still be surprised to learn that the popular drag queen was once the frontman for his band Wee Wee Pole. Norton asked RuPaul if Madonna was a fan of his band before he ended up backstage with her.

“Madonna is only a fan of Madonna,” he said.

Fans shouldn’t worry about any pending feuds between RuPaul and the pop icon. Madonna has yet to appear on any Drag Race franchise, but the infamous Madonna “rusical” challenge is a highlight of Drag Race.

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