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Opera Singer Victory Brinker Leaves ‘AGT’ Judges Stunned with Stellar Performance

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Victory Brinker has been singing since she was 2 years old and it definitely shows through her gorgeous vocals. Victory decided to take a risk tonight for her America’s Got Talent live shows performance. She changed her song at the last minute and has been practicing non-stop. All of her hard work led Simon Cowell to make one massive prediction about her future.

Victory Brinker Brings ‘AGT’ Judges to Their Feet with Quarterfinals Performance

The 9-year-old wore pink glitter Converse for her special performance. It was the perfect spunky touch to her already amazing act. The producers definitely saved one of the best acts for last. Victory had the most-memorable performance of the night by far.

Her vocals were nice and crisp without over-doing it. The stage looked beautiful with flower petals coming down from the ceiling all around her. Unlike the other acts of the night, the production behind the performance was not overdone. AGT viewers needed an act to wow them tonight and this was it.

Victory got a standing ovation from all four judges. The other acts during Tuesday night’s show got some seriously harsh critiques from the judges. You could just tell that all of the judges absolutely loved Victory’s performance and how she has showcased her love for opera music. Their facial expressions really said it all.


Victory’s Future is Looking Bright

“I know nothing about classical musical, however, I do remember many years ago on another show an artist called Carrie Underwood came on and auditioned for me and I said ‘you’re going to sell millions and millions of records’ and I was right,” Cowell said. “I’m going to make a prediction. You are going to be one of the biggest stars to emerge from one of these shows because you have a unique special talent and I think you are incredible.”

We definitely think Cowell is right. There have been so many great singers who achieved successful careers after appearing on talent shows. Opera star Jackie Evancho became so popular after competing on Season 5 of AGT that she is pretty much synonymous with the show. Cowell comparing Victory to someone like Underwood is major. She is by-far one of the top two best-selling artists from American Idol.

The AGT judges knew Victory had something special when they hit the group Golden Buzzer for her during her audition. If Victory does follow in Underwood’s success, she could be a global phenomenon in a matter of months. She will be voted through to the AGT Semifinals without question.

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2 years ago

good opera  snging  nice job  nice singing   🤩   stun  your nice job  😍 

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