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Olivia Jade on ‘DWTS’ Rumors: “Val and I Are Not Hooking Up”

Olivia Jade and Val Dancing with the StarsABC/Christopher Willard

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There have been a lot of rumors surfacing from season 30 of Dancing with the Stars. First the internet claims JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew broke up based off the celebrity’s friendship with Jenna Johnson. Now Val Chmerkovskiy and Olivia Jade have found themselves in the middle of a scandal of their own.

If you’ve been invested in DWTS recently, you have probably noticed that Olivia and Val have gotten more comfortable dancing with one another. Although their comfort could come from the fact that they are constantly practicing for the show, people online have quickly jumped to other conclusions.

Olivia Jade Denies Affair with Val Chmerkovskiy

One TikTok user posted a video sharing a story about how a male dancer on DWTS did not want his wife coming into his trailer. This user did not specify that the couple both work at DWTS, but it was implied. She ended the video by hinting at the fact that the husband was unfaithful to his wife with his partner for the season. Fans immediately assumed this was aimed toward Olivia whose partner Val is married to professional dancer Jenna Johnson.

Olivia reposted this video and began by stating the user had blocked her from seeing her content. Major proof that this story could be about her. She continued to state that she was clearing the air before the video blew up anymore.


clearing this one up real quick before this goes any further.

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“I’m just going to be super blunt and straight up and say Val and I are not hooking up, we have never hooked up. This is a complete rumor we’re genuinely really good friends and I adore his wife,” said Jade. “It’s literally just a dance show and we’re just friends and I don’t know why everything always has to be something.”

She also stated that she just wants to have fun and dance on the show. She also made sure to mention that it’s not cool to spread false rumors when you have almost 400,000 followers. The original video got a lot of online attention, but It’s extremely normal for dancers on this show to get close to their partners. It’s possible Val (or whoever this story is actually about) just didn’t want to be distracted by his wife on set.

Neither of these Married Dancers are Cheating with their Celebrity Partners

Many fans online have agreed to the silly rumors that Val and Jenna are cheating with their current partners based off the TikToks JoJo and Olivia have been sharing. People are saying that the couples are beginning to get too intimate off the clock. They seem to forget that both of these celebrities have a large following on social media and are most likely sharing these videos as a promotion for the show. Plus, in the TikTok age it’s extremely normal to record trends with your friends.

During season 16, people also thought Val was dating his celebrity partner at the time, Zendaya. People on the internet even found it suspicious that he spent Christmas with her and got her a special gift. Mind you, at this time Zendaya was under the age to legally date her co-star. As we now know, they were just really good friends. Even with these rumors, they have remained close to this day.

This situation is so similar to what we’ve seen between JoJo and Jenna. JoJo shared an Instagram story where she showed off a gift she got her partner and the internet absolutely freaked. This really was around the time where JoJo’s break up rumors began to flood the internet as well.

During Disney week JoJo and Jenna got noticeably closer as friends. But at the same time, JoJo admitted she had a rough week and her partner helped her through it.

A fan on TikTok made bold claims as to why she thought this celebrity couple broke up before Disney week. JoJo has appeared in multiple interviews since the rumor went live, but she has neither confirmed nor denied the break up rumors. JoJo still hinted at the fact that something extreme and new is happening in her life.

It’s very possible that this couple did break up but the 18 year-old actress isn’t ready to share the news to the world. It’s also possible that their relationship is just complicated at the moment considering Kylie is in Florida with her family and JoJo remains in California.

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