Meet the Acts Auditioning During the Upcoming Episode of ‘AGT: Extreme’

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The next episode of AGT: Extreme already looks like a good one. After last week’s impressive acts, the series has shown that there’s way more to come. The spin off’s third round of auditions features multiple America’s Got Talent alum.

This series has only gotten better with time, so I can’t wait to see what’s coming next in the third episode. Here’s the next extreme acts auditioning for AGT: Extreme.

1. Chloe Chambers

This 17 year old is bringing speed to AGT: Extreme. She is a race car driver that holds the Guinness World Record for Fastest Vehicle Slalom. To qualify for this record she had to maneuver a production vehicle through a course of cones. She completed the course in 47.45 seconds beating the previous record of 48.114 seconds.

2. Cyndel Flores

Cyndel is the second AGT: Extreme contestant that previously competed on America’s Got Talent. In 2011, she took to the stage alongside her parents and brother as a motorbike family act named Fearless Flores Family. She was 13 years old at the time of this family globe of death audition.

It’s possible that Cyndel will continue her family legacy solo on the series or she’ll premiere her other talent, the breakaway swaypole. This daredevil states that she’s the only breakaway swaypole artist in her Instagram biography, so I’d say there’s a good chance of her premiering this talent. Breakaway swaypole involves balance and grace. The daredevil will be high in the air, going upside down, holding complicated poses, and more.

3. NomNomSammieBoy

NomNomSammieBoy’s extreme talent is eating. Online he’s known as a mukbang and ASMR creator. For those who may not know, mukbang is a trend where creators binge eat food for the enjoyment of viewers. ASMR works into this creator’s videos because he the sounds of him eating are amplified with no music in the background.

From photos released of the upcoming episode, it seems like he’ll be eating as many hot dogs as he possibly can on stage. AGT hasn’t enjoyed extreme eaters in the past, so many NomNomSammieBoy will change their opinion on the talent.

4. America’s Little Sister

Katie Kusiciel’s attire may look familiar to some America’s Got Talent fans. She auditioned as a jello wrestler in season 16 and received four red “X”s from the judges. She was basically just flopping around in jello alone on stage. It’s clear that Katie took this to heart for the spin off series, AGT: Extreme.

In the spin off, she’s coming back to the stage in a group of five. Kerri Gallagher, Madelyn Wilson, Susan Thompson, and Brooke Noska are alongside Katie for this adventure. Three out of five women state that they have comedic background in their Instagram biographies, so I’d say this act will be comedic.

5. Dr. Danger and Mary

Dr. Danger began his career as a Hollywood stuntman, then decided he wanted to do more. His signature stunts include ‘Suicide Car Explosion’, ‘Suicide Car Jump’, and ‘The Steel Wall Crash’. Each of these original tricks involve the daredevil to escape a car that is lit on fire.

On top of his car tricks, he also has become the only person to ever jump a full size school bus off a ramp with a kicker and land 100 feet away upside down. He also performs a trick called the Human Torch Body Burn in which he holds the record for the longest run and longest burn time.

Dr. Danger is the third AGT: Extreme act who has previously competed on America’s Got Talent. He auditioned for AGT in season 10 as Dr. Danger’s Allstars. This group made it past their audition, but was eliminated in the judge cuts.

6. Shemika Campbell

Shemika Campbell is a limbo dancer. She’s a three time Guiness World Record Holder for limbo. This limbo dancer is the fourth AGT: Extreme act that has competed on America’s Got Talent. She auditioned for the series in seasons six and 12. She made it past her audition each time, but did not make it past the second round. In her 2017 audition she impressed the judges with her flexibility as she limbed underneath a car.

She currently holds the Guiness World Record for limbo world record for the lowest height for a bar, 8.5 inches off the floor. Her world record was achieved in 2010 on Live! With Regis and Kelly.

7. Bruce Cook

This motorcycle performer is another coming from Travis Pastrana’s travelling troupe, Nitro Circus. This Nitro Circus daredevil differs from the rest because he was forced to relearn his extreme sport. In 2014, the daredevil attempted a double frontflip, crashed, and became paralyzed from the waist down. The next year, he returned to Nitro Circus and made history by returning to his dirt bike to successfully land the world’s first ever backflip by a paraplegic at the event.

The daredevil is photographed in a wheelchair, as well as on a motorcycle for the upcoming episode of the series. I can’t wait to see his amazing talent.

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