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Meet ‘America’s Got Talent’ Teen Aerialist Aidan Bryant

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The stakes have been higher than ever in on this season of America’s Got Talent. Deciding who will make it through to the Top 36 has not been easy. Luckily, teen aerialist Aidan Bryant has made it through to the live shows.

At just 16-years-old, Bryant took to the biggest stage in the world to show off his unique talent. This self taught performer has battled through personal hardships in order to fulfill his dreams on stage. His aerial skills were enough to impress the judges, now, the rising star will turn up his showmanship in the live shows.

Aidan sure made his mark this season on America’s Got Talent. His audition was highly praised by all four judges, especially Simon Cowell. In his pre-performance interview, Aidan described that he has always felt different. The Prince George native spoke of breaking the mold from others in his town. While his friends were out hunting and fishing, the teen was securing aerial silks to a tree in order to practice.

Aidan Bryant on America’s Got Talent


Aidan received an abundance of support from his mother during his journey. On America’s got Talent, she revealed to viewers that he battled with a learning disability in his childhood, making it difficult for him to read. The struggle he endured in school caused great concern for her son’s future. However, Aidan’s passion for the aerial arts has shown his mother, as well as the rest of America, that he was born to perform.

In his season 16 audition, the teen demonstrated an aerial hoop routine. Without a harness, Aidan was elevated high above the stage, hanging upside down in the center of the ring. For an amateur, he exhibited amazing technique. The performance began to pick up in intensity, as his spinning speed increased. The 16-year-old appeared as a true professional on stage. It was a routine that could have come straight from Cirque du Soleil. His mother and Terry Crews supported Aidan from the sidelines as the audience gasped in awe.

In the end, he received a standing ovation from the judges. Heidi Klum was left dumbfounded at the fact that Aidan had learned these skills in only two years. Cowell commented that it was a “ridiculously good” audition, adding that he was exactly what they were looking for on the show. The self-taught aerialist earned four big yeses overall, and will return to amaze us once again in the live shows.

Who is the Young Aerialist?

Aidan holds an abundance of unique talent at such a young age. Since he is so new to the performance scene, you may be wondering, who is the young aerialist? At 14-years old, the talented teen received inspiration from a YouTube video of pop music star, P!nk. The artist is known to incorporate a signature aerial routine at her concerts.

“I went into my grandma’s closet, found a sheet, put two straps on it, got a ladder and hung up it in a tree in the garden,” Aidan said in an interview. “You wrap the silk around your body and windmill down with your arms and legs out, twirling down, It’s fun. I really like the heights. Before aerial, I was afraid of heights.”

After grasping the basics with a bedsheet, his mother bought him his first silk. A long, nylon fabric used by professionals. After getting used to a legitimate aerialist tool, the performer slowly began adding tricks to his repertoire. As his skills increased, his family invested in an aerial rig, a freestanding structure designed to suspend the artist.

Earlier this year, Aidan self-taped for America’s Got Talent via Zoom. He admits that he has watched the show all his life, and it has been his dream come true to perform for the judges. With 11.7 thousand followers on Instagram, it safe to say the skilled teen is gaining a supportive fanbase.

Aidan is now asking his fans to vote him through on August 17. You can support his act, and all your other favorites using the AGT app, and by voting online.

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