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‘The Masked Singer’ Week 2 Clues: What Do They Mean? Our Predictions!

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The Masked Singer just released a video with clues for Week 2! We will be introduced to six new performers on Wednesday. And now, we have the first clues as to who could be behind the masks! The Rabbit, Pineapple, Alien, Raven, Bee, and Poodle are all a mystery now. But let the guessing game begin!

Watch the video to see the clues yourself:


Here are the clues we’ve gotten so far and what they could mean. Plus, we’ll share our early predictions for each Masked Singer!

Who is the Rabbit?

The clue we get for the Rabbit is the singer taking photos with a camera. Now this is way too broad. There are plenty of actors who also dabble in photography. First, we have Cole Sprouse, whose Riverdale character loves photography. Many of the comments online are guessing it could be him. Jeff Bridges and Norman Reedus have both released their own photography in real life too. Plus, Norman’s first television appearance was on Charmed, and a rabbit’s foot is considered a lucky charm. Are we reading too far into this? Probably. But hey, that’s the name of the game!

There are also a few famous athletes who have done photography. The two most prominent are probably Tyson Chandler and Kevin Durant. We haven’t had a basketball player yet! Or could it be a model who got into singing? Someone like Tyrese Gibson, Cara Delevingne, or Naomi Campbell? Clearly there are way too many options.

Our Way-Too-Early Prediction for the Rabbit: Jake Gyllenhaal

Well now we’re going to do the real deep dive. One video commenter suggested Jake Gyllenhaal was the Rabbit and we’re going to run with that. First of all, Jake’s alter-ego was a rabbit in the movie Donnie Darko. He also played a photographer in Nightcrawler. And, most importantly, he sings! But not many people know he does so the reveal would be surprising to say the least.

Who is the Pineapple?

From the video, we see the Pineapple holding a mic and talking or singing into it, then doing the hula. The obvious assumptions are it’s a stage performer (either a singer or comedian) and they have some connection to Hawaii. Many people online are guessing Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias, the comedian known for his Hawaiian shirts. But does it really look like the shape of the Pineapple in that costume? So then we have the obvious Hawaii connections, like Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars, and Jason Momoa. I don’t see Bruno Mars signing up for this (and his voice is too distinct) but Jack Johnson and Jason Momoa are possibilities. The parrot on the Pineapple’s shoulder also lead to some thoughts. Could it be Jimmy Buffet, whose fans are called Parrotheads? Or Steven Tyler or Gwen Stefani, who both own parrots?

Our Way-Too-Early Prediction for the Pineapple: Russell Brand

The way we read the video, it seems like the Pineapple is talking more than singing (though it can be interpreted either way). So that lead us to think about comedians who have some musical background. Conan O’Brien came to mind, and Weird Al. But then we landed on Russell Brand and it kind of makes sense. He’s a comedian and rose to fame in the US for his role in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a rom-com that took place in Hawaii. Russell has portrayed singers in that movie, Get Him to the Greek, and Rock of Ages as well.

Masked Singer Clues Alien

Who is the Alien?

The clue for the Alien was simply a record painted gold. So it’s probably someone with some gold records. And from the body shape, it looks like the Alien is a woman. We know from the initial clues video that it can’t be an artist with more than 45 gold records, since that is the cumulative total of all the performers on the show. Some of the highest ranking solo artists (below 45, of course) are Reba McEntire, with 27, and Madonna, with 20. Ehh those would be a stretch.

Our Way-Too-Early Prediction for the Alien: Janet Jackson

So we got to looking even closer at the painted record and it says “A&M Records” on it. We looked into famous female artists who have been signed to the label and they included Sheryl Crow, Duffy, Amy Grant, Liza Minnelli, and our favorite pick from the bunch, Janet Jackson. She has a similar body type to the Alien and the A&M Records find could be a solid one. Plus, Janet Jackson has had 20 Gold singles! There’s also a chance it was just a random record but we’ve gotta run with what we’ve got here.

Who is the Raven?

For the Raven’s clue, we just see a pregnancy test. Not saying she’s pregnant or not, just the test. But obviously we’re jumping on that so we had to look at stars who are or were recently pregnant. There’s Cardi B and Colleen Ballinger (Miranda Sings), but their voices are pretty recognizable. Snooki from Jersey Shore is also pregnant and she seems like someone who would do a show like this. But the Raven seems taller than her. Another notable pregnant person close to The Masked Singer is April Love Geary. Who is that, you ask? It’s judge Robin Thicke’s wife! How epic would that reveal be!

Our Way-Too-Early Prediction for the Alien: Carrie Underwood

Now we know, this one is a stretch. But Carrie obviously got her start on a show like this. And it was on FOX at the time. And she just so happens to be pregnant now. It all just seems like too much of a coincidence already. Then our team discovered that Carrie and The Masked Singer costume designer have been going back and forth liking and commenting on each other’s social posts. It’s all just lining up almost too perfectly.

Masked Singer Clues Bee

Who is the Bee?

The clue we see for the Bee is two tennis balls. That’s literally it. At first I was thinking, maybe it’s an actress who appeared in a movie about tennis. Emma Stone and Kirsten Dunst would both be options there. But the Bee doesn’t look like the right body type for either of them. Then I moved on to singers. Lorde has a song called “Tennis Court” so she came to mind. Again though, Lorde is not as bulky or curvy as the Bee so it just doesn’t make sense. That basically leaves us with the athlete route.

Our Way-Too-Early Prediction for the Alien: Serena Williams

This one may be too straightforward but it just has us stumped. The most obvious guess here is Serena Williams so we’re going to go with it. Mainly because it would be epic if she was actually on the show! And she’s been known to be friends with Beyonce so the Bee costume could be an homage to her famous friend.

Masked Singer Clues Poodle

Who is the Poodle?

The Poodle is seen picking up an old-school telephone while people dance in suits with bathing suits over them the background. Since she’s the last artist teased, the assumption is that, like the Lion, the Poodle will probably be an amazing singer. Many comments on the video guess that the Poodle could be Beyonce or Lady Gaga because of their song “Telephone” together, but again…let’s be real here. Lady Gaga didn’t take time off from her lobbying to win a Best Actress nomination/Oscar to be on The Masked Singer.

Our Way-Too-Early Prediction for the Alien: Carly Rae Jepsen

I actually like my odds on this one. Carly Rae Jepsen is most well-known for her song “Call Me Maybe,” which would explain the phone. But she is actually a legitimately good singer! Since her one-hit-wonder days, Carly has appeared on Broadway as Cinderella, released a third album and multiple singles, and played a role in Grease: Live. Are you thinking what I’m thinking now? Probably not. But they wear poodle skirts in Grease! So there’s the (not-so) obvious connection.

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