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LEAKED ‘America’s Got Talent’ Audition Tapes Will Give You Goosebumps

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The America’s Got Talent judges have officially started judging online auditions from home amid the coronavirus pandemic. Finally, we get to see some sneak peeks of some amazingly talented acts. Check out these two full auditions below including the judge’s commentary and some adorable dogs!


Online video auditions for America’s Got Talent are still being submitted while the judges got ready to judge them from home. Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum looked super comfy in some colorful pajamas as tuned in to the judge’s Zoom call along with host Terry Crews. They will be watching live video auditions and giving their feedback.

Chris And Sid’s Audition Has The ‘AGT’ Judges Laughing Hysterically

The first act that we get to see is Chris and Sid straight from their pickup truck in Utah. Sid is supposed to be a cow dog but she is scared of cows. Simon and Heidi actually have their own dogs present as they watch the audition. Who doesn’t love dogs? “What’s your full-time job, Sid?” Simon mistakenly asks. The dog is named Sid. This was definitely a hilarious moment. “She’s a good companion, that’s what she does for a living,” says Chris. “I think you meant Chris, Simon,” says Howie Mandel correcting the mistake. This sends the judges into a fit of laughter. Chris then reveals that he is a graphic designer and he does music on the side. “And just to be clear, Sid is a full-time dog?” Simon asks jokingly.


Chris says that if he were to win ‘AGT’, he would use the $1 million prize to start a therapy program for people with disabilities. At this point in the video, we genuinely have no idea what Sid and Chris’s act will be. However, music starts playing and Chris begins to sing. What is shocking is that Sid, the dog, also begins to sing. Yes, a dog is singing, welcome to ‘AGT!’ All of the judges along with Terry think it is hilarious. Sid was really hitting some high notes. Perhaps the best part of this performance is that Simon is cuddling his dog super tight the entire time. It was adorable to say the least.

Did Chris And Sid Make It Through To The Next Round?

Simon calls this audition “brilliant” which is a huge compliment. He says that both he and his dog “loved it.” New judge Sofia Vergara calls it “heartwarming.” Heidi says that she knows America will fall in love with this act. And we think she’s right. Based on the history of ‘AGT,’ dog acts usually do very well. Howie says that this act is “exactly what the world needs right now.” It definitely brought a smile to his face and will do the same for people watching at home.

It was no surprise that Chris and Sid got 4 yes’s from all of the judges. He also got an additional yes from Simon’s dog. But perhaps the most interesting thing about the whole video is that Terry says that this act is now “under consideration” to joining this season’s competition. This means that although the judges have said yes, Chris and Sid are not necessarily going to be on the show. Will it be the producers or the judges who decide which acts from online will be featured on the show? What exactly does “under consideration” mean? We need answers! But we’ll definitely get some answers when the show premieres on May 26.

8 Year Old Wows ‘AGT’ Judges With Her Audition

Before the next audition began, Howie says that he likes this new at-home format. Terry says that he misses wearing shiny suits but gives the viewers at home a little glimpse at his signature dance where he makes his pecs move. The next audition is 8-year-old Alexis Brownley from Florida. She has a dog act that she wants to eventually take all over the world. In this act, Alexis has her dogs jumping through hoops and jumping over hurdles. It is really fun to watch. The performance was actually broadcasting on Facebook Live the entire time. How cool is that? ‘AGT’ is really giving people some amazing content to look forward to during this time.

Sofia says she loved Alexis’ energy throughout the performance. Simon calls her a “gifted brilliant little dog trainer.” He fully acknowledges how hard it is to train dogs. “We needed this right now, Alexis,” says Heidi. This is an act that will make people smile and laugh. Howie called her the “puppy queen” which is a play on Netflix’s smash hit show Tiger King. It’s no surprise here that Alexis gets four yes’s from the judges. Again Terry utters the line that Alexis is “in consideration to join the competition for season 15.” The video finishes with Simon saying that it was “hilarious” and that it was “one of the most surreal afternoons” he’s ever had. All of the ‘AGT’ judges were impressed.


What did you think about this new online format for ‘AGT’ auditions? We think it’s really great and intimate and establishes a personal connection between the judges and the contestants.

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