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Kelly Clarkson Holds Nothing Back On Her Latest Single Inspired By Her Divorce

Kelly Clarkson at The Voice semi-final Top 8 live performancesTrae Patton/NBC

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Kelly Clarkson has channeled her post-divorce emotions into a scorching new song titled “Red Flag Collector.” This riveting track serves as a fiery revelation, as Clarkson fearlessly puts her ex-husband, Brandon Blackstock, on blast.

The Song Is Inspired By Clarkson’s Post-Divorce Anger

Clarkson has long intertwined her personal experiences with her musical journey, and “Red Flag Collector” is no exception. As the song begins, a grungy guitar riff sets the tone, serving as an auditory representation of the raw emotions fueling her performance. Despite the end of her marriage to Blackstock three years ago, the track exudes an aura of celebration rather than mourning.

Through the song’s defiant lyrics, Clarkson showcases her unyielding spirit and determination to move forward. The song then culminates in a powerful chorus, where Clarkson reflects on the lessons she has learned about love, admitting that sometimes it simply isn’t enough. Her vocal prowess and the inclusion of Latin horns add depth and flavor to the track, which then leaves listeners awestruck.

Accompanying the song’s release is a live music video filmed at the historic Belasco Theater in Los Angeles. In the video’s introduction, Clarkson reveals her motivation behind “Red Flag Collector,” emphasizing the need to channel her divorce-induced frustrations into creative expression rather than destructive impulses.

“Red Flag Collector” joins the ranks of other amazing tracks from Chemistry, including the previously released singles “Mine / Me,” “Favorite Kind of High,” and the collaborative effort with comedian and banjoist Steve Martin, “I Hate Love.”


“Red Flag Collector” is Quickly Becoming a Hit Single

Clarkson’s latest single, “Red Flag Collector,” is quickly becoming a fan favorite. The song has been climbing the charts since its release, it has reached the top 100 on the iTunes and Spotify charts and is gaining traction on other streaming services as well.

It’s clear that “Red Flag Collector” is resonating with fans all over the world, and it looks like it will continue to climb up the charts in the coming weeks. It’s certainly worth checking out if you haven’t heard it yet.

Inspired by her 2020 divorce, Chemistry features a total of 14 tracks that delve into the aspects of chemistry in relationships. Releasing on June 23, 2023, Chemistry takes listeners on an emotional journey that reflects Clarkson’s personal experiences, capturing the allure and potential pitfalls.

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