Katy Perry Is Having ‘Horrible Days’ As Pregnancy Hormones Make Her Cry All The Time During Lockdown

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Being stuck at home has been making all of us a little stir crazy. Pregnant Katy Perry is really feeling the effects of the lockdown as she has been crying more often than ever before. Of course, that’s totally normal and she is trying her best not to be driven insane while she quarantines with her family.

Katy answered fan questions during a live stream event with the online retailer Shein. She dished on her pregnancy style and how she tries to have alone time even during the lockdown.

Katy Perry Sits In Her Car When She Wants To Escape From Her Family

Katy said that she has five good days and two bad days each week during lockdown amid the coronavirus pandemic. She said that she cries so much at random things like looking down at her toes and during simple tasks. She thinks it’s because she is hormonal due to her pregnancy. But also she mentioned that she is not used to being in a confined space being surrounded by people all the time. Katy is used to “going all the time” and she likes her “alone time.” Katy escapes to her car that is parked outside of her house when she wants some alone time away from her family. This explains why on Easter she did a live stream from inside of her car.


Celebrities are always constantly traveling to do appearances, film shows or going on tour. So this new experience of being at home for an extended period of time is definitely a huge change for them. Katy also performed some of her biggest hits for fans and she sounded incredible. She did say that she is having some “diaphragm issues” but that is very normal when pregnant. Regardless, she slayed this performance.

Katy’s Makeup & Fashion Has Changed A Lot During Lockdown

Aside from crying, Katy’s signature style has gone through a lot of changes recently. One hilarious thing that Katy admitted during the live stream is that she keeps reusing her false eyelashes. She has even worn some pairs up to seven times and peels the glue off. Crying sometimes makes her lashes fall off but we love Katy for being so honest. We all know the struggles of not being able to go to our nearest Sephora right now to pick out some new false lashes. But for Katy, she doesn’t get to have her glam squad around to help out with her hair and makeup. This is certainly a new experience for her when she has to get glam for American Idol and other virtual appearances. She said she is trying her best to emulate some of the tips and tricks that her makeup artists have given her over the years.


When asked about her pregnancy style, she said she has been going for a more boho look lately. She also said that she is gaining more weight since she has been eating for two, and likes to wear outfits that are comfortable and easy to style. Katy has been wearing turbans a lot to hide her roots. Even when she was dressed as a roll of toilet paper on American Idol, she still wore a turban!


Katy Has Been Finding New Ways To Keep Herself Busy

Katy said that when she has a child she will go into another round of her own personal quarantine. But to keep herself busy she has been sweeping the house over and over again. She says it makes her feel accomplished. Cleaning your house and feeling accomplished is like killing two birds with one stone in lockdown. Katy was so excited to talk about her knack for organizing and how she likes to make her kitchen look like a grocery store. It’s nice to feel productive during lockdown when in reality you’re just stuck at home. Katy also participated in The Disney Family Singalong: Volume II.

She posted a teaser of this adorable Dumbo costume on Instagram gearing up for a night full of Disney fun.

It’s safe to say that crying Katy Perry is literally all of us during quarantine whether we like it or not.


Samantha Agate
Samantha Agate

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