Gene Simmons Calls Out Luke Bryan For Rejecting Trans Teen

Gene Simmons Calls Out Luke Bryan For Rejecting Trans TeenLuke Bryan: ABC/John Fleenor. Gene Simmons: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

American Idol fans are outraged after 16-year-old singer Ace Stiles was not voted on to the next round by the judges. The teen shared his story about coming out as transgender and performed an original song in last night’s episode. Many felt that Ace deserved to go to Hollywood including rockstar Gene Simmons.

‘American Idol’ Judges Fail To Put Ace Stiles Through To Hollywood

Ace first submitted a video audition online singing his song “Addicted.” The producers decided to bring him in to sing in front of the judges. Ace’s mom Colleen accompanied him to the audition. She spoke about how Ace became quieter a few years ago and fell into a deep depression. At the age of 14, Ace came out as transgender.

“I did the school play and I wasn’t allowed in either of the dressing rooms. They made me change in a closet. It wasn’t fun, made me cry but it’s chill” Ace said prior to his audition. “After coming out I’ve definitely felt better than I have in a long time.”


“Ace you’re doing great. It’s going to get better and better and better” Katy said after Ace’s performance. He went on to say that he has written about 50 more original songs.

“I feel like you’re far smarter than your years but the only thing I’m dealing with is the introverted, the quietness of your voice,” Luke Bryan said. “I think as you grow older you’ll be able to write songs in that realm and I would totally anticipate that out of you but I think it’s just not quite ready for American Idol yet.”

Lionel Richie said that he was having a “dilemma” because he felt the curiosity of Ace’s voice but did not know if he was able to command it.

“I think you’ve got an interesting voice” Katy added. “I think you’ve got something worth investing in. It’s going to get better in all of the ways the longer that you have more experience of life, of playing out and getting out of your comfort zone.” We discuss this in our weekly recap show down below.

Fans And Celebrities Are Outraged After Ace Was Shockingly Rejected

When it came time to vote, the judges were torn. “Ace, we’re here for you and we support you” Katy started before she ended up saying “no.” Ace began to shed some tears. Luke also said “no” while Lionel said “yes.” After leaving the audition room, Ace gave an emotional interview. “I thought I was good enough and I thought that I was worth it,” he said through tears.

One person who feels like the judges made the wrong decision is Kiss frontman, Gene Simmons. He voiced his frustrations on Twitter. “Watching @AmericanIdol and saw a revaluation. A truly unique presence!. @acestiles1. I was completely blown away by this 16-year old (!!!) human being. @LukeBryanOnline is wrong Ace Stiles is a Star!!!” he wrote.

“None of the judges saw the Star quality of ⁦⁦@acestiles1⁩ …They are wrong! See and hear for yourself!” Gene wrote in another tweet.

“You guys are wrong. @acestiles1 hands down was the best. A unique voice and an original Human” he wrote.

Others voiced their frustrations that the judges put contestant Yurisbel Garcia through to the next round after his bizarre audition. They feel it’s only fair that Ace should have gone through based on his incredible singing talent.


Do you think the American Idol judges made a big mistake by sending Ace home?


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