‘The Four’s Zhavia Discusses Her Newfound Success

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We covered The Four: Battle For Stardom from day one and it became pretty clear that there was one breakout star from the show: Zhavia. Not even Evvie McKinney, who went on to win the show, has made such an impact. At only 17 Zhavia is already famous all over the world. How does someone so young deal with all this sudden success? Really well, apparently.

I interviewed Zhavia and I can tell you she is the same unique, quirky, and down-to-Earth girl that you see on TV. She told me about her love of Subway sandwiches. In a fundamental way she’s just a regular teenager. Except she’s totally not ordinary. Not only does she have a great voice but she’s also a fashion and style icon. But she’s taking it all in stride. She says,

“I was just doin’ my thing up there. I’m not trying to put on an act. Being myself inspires people to be themselves. It’s crazy that people love me that much. But it’s awesome. It’s a big step toward supporting my family. That’s where the majority of it (Ed. note: her earnings) will be going. I’m just appreciating everything. The things that God gives me. Remembering where I came from … and everyone’s hard work around me that brought me to where I am.”

One thing you need to keep your sanity in the entertainment industry is a level head and Zhavia definitely has that. She’s utterly professional and genuine and we hope that never changes.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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