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‘DWTS’ Pro Maks Chmerkovskiy Opens Up About His MRI Results “Don’t Be Alarmed!”

Maks Chmerkovskiy at the 2022 New You Beauty AwardsPhoto by Jose Devillegas/Getty Images

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Dancing With The Stars professional Maks Chmerkovskiy discussed the condition of his lower back with his doctor. Chmerkovskiy gives fans a heads up on the results of a recent MRI scan that he had on his lower back region telling them that there’s “nothing anyone should be worried about” but him.

Maks Chmerkovskiy is Having Lower Back Problems

A text from Chmerkovskiy‘s doctor has gotten fans concerned over the professional dancer’s physical state. Though the message from his doctor looks serious, Chmerkovskiy himself told his fans that there’s nothing for them to be worried about.

The doctor’s foreboding words is definitely a cause of concern, as the problem seems to lie within Chmerkovskiy’s posterior chain. An unhealthy back overall can affect the dancer’s movements to a high degree, which is why his fans are so concerned.

The doctor told him that if the condition is not prevented, then it will be what will “control,” his life, possibly suggesting something permanent. Chmerkovskiy’s staying optimistic despite the bad news, it seems that it’s possible to still fix his lower back problems.

Amid the dancer’s current ordeal, he’s nonetheless received supportive feedback from the fans and some even shared their similar struggles. Many people commented of similarly having weak posterior chains, with some suggesting helpful tips.

He is Focused on Doing Workouts That Strengthen the Lower Back

To diminish the chances of the problem getting worse, Chmerkovskiy is hard at work to build a stronger posterior chain. He focused his workouts more on the functionality of the muscles involved with his back.

The same post with his doctor’s message included a video of himself doing an exercise involving a medicine ball and resistance bands strapped to his legs. The exercise will focus on strengthening the gluteal area along with his lower back where the problems seem to lie.

His posterior strengthening exercises are what he needs to guarantee that he is in top form for what’s to come. As he also hinted that he has some “really exciting” things in store. Things are also looking brighter for him in the mental aspect of things. He revealed that he gained a lot of motivation to improve upon himself from the doctor’s warning.

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