Did You Know ‘AGT: Extreme’ Golden Buzzer Cyndel Flores Competed on ‘AGT’?

Corey Cesare
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If you’re a long time fan of America’s Got Talent, you may have recognized Cyndel Flores on last week’s episode of AGT: Extreme. Similar to other extreme contestants, Cyndel previously competed on the AGT stage in 2011. At the time, she was apart of the family group Fearless Flores Family.

The fact that Cyndel already appeared on the show with her family wasn’t mentioned before her Golden Buzzer breakaway sway pole performance on episode three of AGT: Extreme. Her mother was featured during the episode, but it was not noted that she was also a former contestant of AGT.

Cyndel Flores Previously Appeared on AGT As A Globe of Death Rider

Cyndel appeared on America’s Got Talent season six as part of the family motorbike act, Fearless Flores Family. She was 13 years old at the time of her television debut. I’m not sure why this fact wasn’t mentioned before she stepped on stage, especially considering it was an extreme act.

She’s a tenth generation performer that began the daredevil life at six years old. The majority of this group’s charm was from the fact that the children are the main attraction. Their audition featured Cyndel and her eight year old brother, Volorian Flores, riding their bikes in the globe of death with their father standing in the middle.

Fearless Flores Family were put straight through to Hollywood and did not appear again until the quarter finals. The family returned later in the competition and performed with the children and their mother riding in the globe. Their father once again stood in the middle. After this performance, judge Howie Mandel said that this act is probably the only thing that gets more dangerous when mom joins in. Fearless Flores Family did not make it any further in the competition.

The Fearless Flores Family still performs globe of death to this day. The family act recently expanded with the addition of their youngest, Ziana Flores. In 2022, Cyndel is 24 years old, Volorian is 19 years old, and Ziana is 11 years old. Ahead of Cyndel’s audition, the family shared a video of her in the globe of death with her siblings.

There Was No Mention Of This Extreme Contestants Past on The Series

Even though breakaway sway pole is an entirely different act, I still think AGT should have mentioned the Flores history. This girl has been a daredevil since she was six years old and I don’t think her act alone showed that off. Her biography piece shared that her parents are daredevils, but never once mentioned that Flores and her siblings are in the act. Instead, she said that she started by doing little things in the act. I guess in this instance little things means being the actual star of the performance.

If competitor Alfredo Silva can do well on the series with the mention of him previously competing why can’t Cyndel? If anything, I think it’s more outstanding that Flores has come back to the stage after 11 years with a new act. I almost feel like they purposely made her seem less interesting so the Golden Buzzer was more exciting.

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