American Idol

Detroit Lion Star Marvin Jones Gets On ‘American Idol’

We are all eagerly anticipating the return of American Idol on March 11th. They’ve promised to bring us real talent that can actually make it big in the entertainment world. It helps, of course, if you are already famous. In this sneak peek from American Idol‘s triumphant return we get Detroit Lion Marvin Jones singing his heart out. 

When Marvin enters the room and gets in front of the judges, they look pretty skeptical. They recognize him as a football player and wonder what the hell he’s doing there. Then he opens his mouth to sing Tank’s I Can’t Make You Love Me. He slays and they give him a golden ticket and a spot on the show. It’s well deserved but I can’t help but think that him being a famous football player and all helped.

Still, it’s pretty cool and it gets us even more excited about the coming series. If this is any indication of the caliber of performance they are going to have, then we are in for a treat.