FULL NAME: Neal Evans Boyd
HOMETOWN: Sikeston, Missouri
BIRTHDAY: November 18, 1975
AGE: 47
NOTEABLE PROJECTS: America's Got Talent
BIO: In 2008, Neal E. Boyd took the world by storm as an impressive opera singer. Fans supported him since the first time he took the stage. People couldn’t believe that Boyd spent his time as an insurance agent with a voice like his. He was the second person ever to win America’s Got Talent.

Boyd discovered opera music in junior high school when his older brother brought home a CD of the Three Tenors. He loved the CD so much that she went on to learn how to sing Luciano Pavarotti's and Plácido Domingo's operatic styles. Boyd studied communications and music while he attended two universities for separate bachelor degrees.

After succeeding on AGT, Boyd released his debut album, My American Dream. On top of that, he performed in hundreds of live shows. This America's Got Talent winner passed away at the age of 42 when he passed away in 2018. He died of heart failure, kidney failure, and liver problems.

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