Comparing Grace Davies And Rak-Su’s Audition And Final Performance

That was one hell of a season of The X Factor that ended last night. We had the amazingly soulful singer/songwriter Grace Davies go against dynamite singing boy band Rak-Su. Grace lost in the end but both of these acts are incredible. Let’s take a look back at their auditions and see how far they came by the end of the show.

Grace Davies

When Grace came into the auditions she blew everyone away and was an early favorite to win. She came in as a bartender who sang her songs at night in a smoky club. By the end of the show, we had a polished performer and someone who is sure to be a superstar.


Their energy is infectious and you can see that from the beginning of their audition. But they were definitely rough. Lucky for them, Simon Cowell took them under his wing and if there is one thing Simon knows how to do it’s make superstars. By the end of the show they were a powerhouse group ready to take on the world.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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