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Check Out the Recorder Beatbox Act Set to Audition for ‘AGT’

Medhat Mamdouh AGTTyler Golden/NBC

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I’m sure we have all played the recorder in elementary school at some point, but you’ve never seen it done like this. Medhat Mamdouh will take the America’s Got Talent stage to deliver his unique recorder beatbox act. Yes, he literally beatboxes while he plays the recorder. With almost 150,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 10,000 on Instagram, it seems that there is a market for his unique musical abilities.

Medhat also previously took the Arabs Got Talent stage in their third season and made it to the semi-finals. Medhat is now ready to take on the biggest talent stage in the world, and show America what he’s got.

Recorder Beatbox Act is No Stranger to the Stage

Posts as far back as 2016, show the recorder beatbox musician performing live on tour. From Austria, Germany, Egypt, and Dubai, this one of a kind act could be a fierce contender. He sure seems to have the stage experience necessary to win the million dollar prize and headline a show in Las Vegas.

Medhat has already performed on live television on Dubai’s MBC network, and held his own concert at the Dubai Mall. In 2019, he made his way to the United States to perform here for the first time. He played the recorder for a huge Global Leadership Network Event. The audience consisted of 7,200 people and was watched live by over 100,000.

Medhat’s Internet Success

It’s no secret that an abundance of social media stars have made their way onto talent shows. Medhat’s talent has also gained some popularity across social platforms. He is the most successful on YouTube, with almost 150,000 subscribers. There, he shares a recorder beatbox cover of the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song.

His latest YouTube video was posted just last week, accompanied by a TikTok of the same content. It looks like his followers already predict him doing well on America’s Got Talent. I for one, am curious to see how he performs on the AGT stage alongside so many great acts. Check it out for yourself, Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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