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Charlie Puth Share Intimate On-Screen Kiss With Sabrina Carpenter in ‘That’s Not How This Works’

Sabrina Carpenter and Charlie PuthSabrina Carpenter, Charlie Puth

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Charlie Puth’s latest short film “That’s Not How This Works,” which stars Sabrina Carpenter, has captured the attention of fans with its emotional storyline and intimate moments, including a steamy on-screen kiss between the two artists. The six-minute mini-movie is a short film that gives fans a sneak peek into Puth’s new single, set to release soon.

Charlie Puth Releases Short Film Ahead of New Single

The short film opens with Puth surveying an empty room covered in plastic, weighed down with blinking gadgets, before cutting to scenes of Puth and Carpenter playing a happy couple in love. Tender moments, such as Carpenter gifting Puth a beautiful piano for his birthday, cooking live crab for dinner and painting their apartment together, flash across the screen.

As the film progresses, it becomes apparent that their relationship is not without its issues, as arguments and fights break out between them. Despite the struggles, the film culminates in an intense on-screen kiss between Puth and Carpenter that has left fans swooning and speculating about their real-life relationship status.

While the kiss between Puth and Carpenter in the short film may have set fans’ hearts aflutter, it’s important to note that they have not confirmed any real-life romantic involvement. As professional artists, they have maintained a friendly and respectful relationship.

The short film precedes Puth’s new single, also titled “That’s Not How This Works,” which features Carpenter and Dan + Shay released on March 31. Puth will also be embarking on the Charlie Live Experience tour in May, starting with Mexico’s Corona Capital Festival and stopping at various venues across the United States.


Charlie Puth’s Ex Takes Center Stage in ‘That’s Not How This Works’

Puth’s latest single “That’s Not How This Works,” featuring Dan + Shay tells the story of a toxic ex who tries to return after the relationship has ended. While Puth’s short film That’s Not How This Works co-starring Carpenter focuses on a fictitious relationship, the music video for the song takes a closer look at the end of a real-life relationship.

The video shows Puth writing and recording the heartbreak-inspired song while reflecting on his past relationship with his ex. The single marks Dan + Shay’s first release since their Christmas songs last year and comes after a brief hiatus following the release of their album Good Things in 2021.

The emotional lyrics in “That’s Not How This Works,” showcase the pain and confusion of someone trying to move on from a toxic ex. The country twang provided by Dan + Shay’s vocals adds a unique dimension to the sad pop song.

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