‘Bring The Funny’s Comedy Clash Was Explosively Hilarious

Bring the Funny Lewberger

The Comedy Clash Continues on Bring the Funny. That was a nice alliteration. Anyway, more comics from the Open Mic round to duke it out for our laughs. It was all about genres going head-to-head.

Harry and Chris vs. Lewberger

It was a face-off between, in my opinion, the two best musical comedy acts that have been on this show. Lewberger sang a great song about being a Disney Princess and how completely messed up those movies are. One of the things I love about Lewberger is that not only are they funny they also can really sing and play. These guys are the cat’s pyjamas.

Harry and Chris sang a song about the differences between English English and American English. It just didn’t land. I mean, they were so crushed by Lewberger. Harry and Chris were not that great. Jeff said it best, “WAS it Funny?” He seemed to think so because he picked them. But Kenan saved the day and picked Lewberger because…I mean, doing it the other way is insane.

Calvin Evans vs. Michael Longfellow

This one was going to be tough. Calvin and Michael are without a doubt two of the best stand-ups that have come on the show. Calvin did some funny material on how much Home Depot sucks and how dumb men are. Agreed on both points. But Calvin ‘s set was kind of expected. That is very well-tread territory.

Michael, on the other hand, was something special. His delivery was so perfectly executed and his whole material on being a millennial was spectacular. The bit about the bank in the grocery store was spectacular. Don’t get me wrong, they were both really good. But I just liked Michael a little better. The judges agreed with me.

Willy Appelman vs. The Chris and Paul Show

This was the clash of the manic physical humor guys. I think the Chris and Paul show are exceptional physical comics. Like maybe they are the next Laurel and Hardy. Their bits are wonderfully dark but also exceptionally silly. The two happy guys robbing a bank? Classic. My God, the physicality. They told that whole story without saying a word.

I was not a fan of Willy Appelman’s first character annoyed me to no end. His latest one wasn’t that great either. It was a dentist who is secretly a drug lord. I mean it’s weird…but, just didn’t land either. Especially, when you compare it to Chris and Paul. To me, there was no contest that Chris and Paul were the best. The judges agreed because of course.

Ismo vs. Erica Rhodes

Erica really impressed us last week with her self-depreciating brand of weird humor. But Ismo is no slouch in the wacky comedy. Ismo seemed kind of nervous to me, as funny as he was. I know that his stammering and mania are part of the act, but sometimes I found it distracting. Again, I think it might have been a bit of nerves.

Now, Erica Rhodes was confident even though her character is so NOT confident. She’s super smart and the comedy is the kind of thing that doesn’t look down on her audience. I really respect that. I hate when comics condescend to their audience. Without a doubt Erica was the stronger of the two. Once again, the judges agreed.

Check out our recap show on Thursday with our LA crew Jackelyn Shultz and Lauren Ashley Beck.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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