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The New ‘Bachelor’ Spinoff Ends With SHOCKING Results

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Jamie and Ryan were the first to enter the Bachelor mansion and the vibe between then was obvious. Initially, Jamie was feeling Ryan, but then Trevor came in the picture and now Jamie is feeling Trevor and yes there is more, keep up, will you? Catch on the love triangle between Jamie, Trevor and Ryan on Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart.


How Did Jamie & Ryan Happen on ‘Bachelor: Listen To Your heart’?

Twenty single men and women descend upon the Bachelor Mansion with their instruments of choice in the hopes of finding a “duet partner for life.” You don’t care about any of this if you know. You know.

So on Trevor’s side, he too is feeling Jamie and he doesn’t want to let her go because come on! Nobody wants to go home and since there are 12 guys and 8 girls, 4 guys will be eliminated in the rose ceremony. So the men on the show feel the heat and are buckling down with locking a girl to partner with. Less for love right now and more for staying in the show to play the game.


So initially Jamie and Ryan had a thing and they only spoke to each other. It was instant, mutual and adorable but, but, but there comes Trevor.


Jamie & Trevor, A love triangle Brewing?

They had an intimate hot tub session and from the looks of it, it got hot and steamy there. They kissed and the saddest part was when the camera pans to Ryan and he says, “myself and Jamie, we could definitely find love here. I hope she feels the same way.”

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Homeboy is smitten and I already feel bad.

Jamie does weigh in on this, saying “this is the last position i though i’ll be in because Ryan and Trevor are amazing and genuinely nice guys.”

She adds, “oh boy. Oh boy. I am just so confused.”

Us too girl, us too, but don’t make your mind just yet because it’s just getting fun now. Who will she pick? Will she break Ryan’s heart or let Trevor go? This show just got hotter.

When Ryan was asked to chose who make his heart sing during the date card, he picked Jamie. Was Trevor planning to go for with Jamie? Yes. Did the camera pan on his face when Jamie said yes to Ryan? You know what’s good.

Together they worked on the song Gravity by John Meyer, which was dreamy. But once they came back, Trevor was evidently jealous.

By now Trevor, kind of feels left out because music bonds people and Jamie and Ryan look bonded and they’ve had a first date already. Mel and Matt, on the other hand, look like a cute couple except Matt promise Rudi a date and things are about to get messy. It really weighed her down and she had a meltdown due to the rejection and we all feel for her.

Who Will Get The Rose From Jamie, Ryan or Trevor!?

As the ceremony began, Trevor did say he will be super sad if he doesn’t get a rose from Jamie. This made him super stressed. Us too fam, us too. There is also backlash on the internet that Jamie is too young to be on the show given that she is only 21.

Trevor too did something romantic for her or more like a last-ditch effort but he made it a point not to call it a last-ditch effort. It just made us all feel bad for the poor girl who was put in an awkward situation. He played Slow Dancing In The Burning Room for her. I mean, Trevor could have tried to go for another girl on the show. Even towards the end of the show, Jamie was confused. She kissed both the guys with equal passion and the suspense was on.

Jamie gave her rose to Trevor. The look on Ryan’s face.

Who Got The Rose In The Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor?

Julia gave her rose to Sheridan

Mel gave her rose to Gabe (Sorry Matt!, we really thought you’d get it too)

Rudi gave her rose to Ryan

Savannah gave her rose to Brandon

Cheyenne gave her rose to Matt (We did not see this coming at all)

Bri gave her rose to Chris

Bekah gave her rose to Tammy

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