Arthur Gunn Begs Fans to Stop Requesting ‘American Idol’ Song at His Gigs

Corey Cesare
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American Idol runner-up Arthur Gunn appears to be attempting to distance himself from the talent show. The singer chose not to appear during the Season 19 finale at the last minute and is now asking fans to stop requesting the song he recorded on Idol.

Before Arthur’s upcoming EP is released, he went to Instagram to share his discontent with fan requests during recent gigs. No matter how eager fans are to hear “Save Me Now” from his time on American Idol, he refuses to play the song.

“In the last gig lot of people were screaming their lungs out to play song ‘Save me Now’. I want to make you aware that song ‘Save me now’ was the song I just had to record due to the circumstances,” Arthur wrote. “Even though the percentage was cut out, It doesn’t help me from you buying it or streaming it, but I know it does help you. Anyway, It doesn’t help me you all getting hung up on that song.”

Arthur would much rather have his fans “hung up” on songs he independently released. Being an independent artist is hard, time consuming, and expensive. Many singers choose to release music independently so they can make 100% profit from their own music. When singers release music through a label, the label typically takes a hefty cut from their profits.

“Save Me Now” is Arthur’s only song that he has released with a record label. Even though many say that runner-up Idols could also receive record deals, Arthur did not despite huge popularity. After his time on American Idol, Arthur began releasing music independently, as well as performing small gigs. His need for independence, however, did not stop him from returning to the show as the comeback performer during Season 19.

His bad blood with Idol after skipping out on his finale performance with Sheryl Crow possibly explains why his track produced by 19 Recordings, Inc. (which is owned by American Idol‘s official record label) is his least favorite song request.

“I wrote that [song] cause somebody, someday might get helped or can get aware if they get in my shoes somewhere, someday. Most of you who are dissatisfied with these facts, you could just find something better to do rather than writing your hateful opinions,” Arthur continued in the caption. “…It was never about money, but that is something I worked for. I wonder what you would do if it was you.”

The singer asked fans not not respond in a hateful manner in relation to this announcement. Even though he asked for nice comments, he limited comments anyway. The only comments that remain on this post are positive.

Yesterday, Arthur announced that he will be releasing a new EP, “Deha ra Aatma”, on November 8.

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