‘AGT’ Winner Grace VanderWaal Opens Up About Friends and Moods

America's Got Talent Grace VanderWaalMatt Beck | Talent Recap

America’s Got Talent’s Grace VanderWaal AKA Taylor Swift in the making, sat down with MTV News to talk friends and moods.

MTV’s #FeelBetter with Grace VanderWaal hit airwaves last week, giving fans an inside look at the young stars life. MTV asked Grace a series of questions allowing fans to get to know the ukulele playing genius.

America’s Got Talent Grace VanderWaal

“The last thing that made me happy was probably taking off a face mask last night,” the Taylor Swift protégé admits. “I never make time for that, I think that was the first time I’ve actually successfully waited on a face mask.”

America’s Got Talent’s Grace VanderWaal

Grace reveals the last thing that made her laugh, may come at her sisters expense. “I think it was my sister showing me her sunburns on like…her butt,” VanderWaal joked. “That was the last thing that made me really laugh.”

Regret was immediately on the Kansas city natives mind. “I wonder if she’ll be mad at me for saying that?” Oh sibling love!

The old-age question of how to de-stress is addressed directly by Grace. “I think the thing I need to do is sleep,” Grace continues. “Eat some really good food, watch movies…and just not talk for a while.” We feel you girl!

The teen reveals she is most proud when she is able “to cook something really well.”

According To Grace

Can you guess three things she’s good at? “Making friends, having a good sleep schedule…and helping others out.” Its safe to say this girl has an amazing heart!

The strategy to making friends? Grace has got that down to a science! “This strategy has gotten me really through life,” Grace gushes. “I’m very good at mimicking others humor.”

Matt Beck | Talent Recap America’s Got Talent Grace VanderWaal

Don’t worry, Grace isn’t changing herself for anyone! “It’s just pulling out a different type of humor in myself, If I am watching someone and I’m like analyzing them and I can tell they’re a little nervous or they like self-deprecative humor…maybe I’ll try that out.” Grace concludes with, “I feel like I’ve kind of mastered that skill!”

Fans couldn’t get enough of Grace…especially the tone of her voice.

Matt Beck | Talent Recap
Matt Beck | Talent Recap

Check out the corky interview below!

America’s Got Talent Grace VanderWaal

This 15-year-old high school freshman has her sites set on the big leagues. Emerging as an actress in 2020 for a book adaptation of Disney’s Stargirl, Grace is bound to be a triple threat!

Matt Beck | Talent Recap America’s Got Talent Grace VanderWaal

“It’s super pressuring, because I know also how people are with books. They want it to be like [how they were imagining], so I’m like, ‘What if I’m not like Stargirl?’” Grace said in a recent interview with Vanity Fair.

At such a young age it’s definitely understandable that Grace is feeling the pressure, but we have faith that this AGT winner will breathe life into this role!


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