Is ‘AGT’ Winner Grace VanderWaal Now Really ‘The Next Taylor Swift’? Her New Song “Ur So Beautiful”

Lauren Ashley Beck
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With the release of her new single, AGT winner Grace VanderWaal is one step closer to being the next Taylor swift, according to Simon Cowell.

Instagram Grace VanderWaal and Taylor Swift

The now 15-year-old songstress released her new single Ur So Beautiful Friday. Over the past few days, the 2016 AGT champ has been dropping hints about her latest hit.

New Single Alert: Ur So Beautiful

“The inspiration behind Ur So Beautiful is pretty much exactly what it is,” Grace reveals in a recent interview with PEOPLE. “Ur So Beautiful, I think, can be referred to yourself or others or to anything you want.”

Hardly able to contain her excitement Grace took to Instagram to tell the world about her new song. “ITS O U T AND I OU – tELL ME WHAT YOU THINK BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOIN[G] READING THIS GO LISTENNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Download Grace VaderWaal’s new song “Ur So Beautiful

“This song is romantic but it’s also empowering — it can be directed at anything or anyone,” Grace said in a statement.

Grace VanderWaal On ‘AGT’

NBC Howie Mandel, Grace VanderWaal, Simon Cowell, and Heidi Klum

In addition to stealing the hearts of America when auditioned on Americ’as Got Talent, Grace received the coveted golden buzzer from Howie Mandel. “I think you are a living, walking, beautiful, miracle,” Howie gushed. In reaction to her audition song “I Don’t Know My Name” Howie proclaimed “I think the world is gonna know you name”.

Grace VanderWaal’s audition on AGT

Similarly, Taylor Swift couldn’t help but notice her then 12-year-old mini me. After taking the AGT stage by storm Taylor had to give props to the ukulele playing powerhouse.

Attached to the beautiful bouquet was a love letter encouraging VanderWaal to “Keep chasing your dreams”.

“Grace you know what I predict for you? I think you are the next Taylor Swift,” said music mogul Simon Cowell. To which the tearful pre-teen responded, “Thank you so much!” There wasn’t a dry eye in the AGT audience.

Watch Simon Cowell’s Prediction About Grace VanderWaal

Simon Cowell prediction: Grace, you are the next Taylor Swift!

Grace recently served as an opening act for Florence and The Machine’s High As Hope tour. Continuing on the success train, Grace will now embark on her very own headlining tour this summer.

So is Grace the next Taylor?

Grace VanderWaal

In addition to taking over the music world, Grace has set her sights on theatrics. Trying her hand in the acting world, the teen will star in Disney’s adaptation of the book Stargirl, set to be released in 2020. This girl is on fire!

Tickets for Grace’s Ur So Beautiful tour can be purchased here.


We can’t wait to see whats next for this rising superstar…maybe a duet with Taylor Swift? Taylor, have your people call Grace’s people please!

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