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‘American Idol’ Recap: Judges Change Top 24 to Top 26 as Showstoppers Round Finishes

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American Idol Season 21 returned on Monday night for the second part of the Showstoppers round, as the judges continued to narrow down the competition during the Final Judgment. At the end of the night, they revealed that they changed the Top 24 to a Top 26.


Megan Danielle Wins Sing-Off on American Idol

Monday’s episode picked up where Sunday’s left off, with the sing-off between Paige Anne and Megan Danielle. We heard Paige sing Adele’s “Easy on Me” in the last episode, and this time we got to hear Megan take on the song.

The judges were wowed by Megan’s performance, with Katy Perry calling her a star and Luke Bryan saying they want her to see how great she is. Unlike the sing-off between PJAE and Malik Heard, only one singer went through this time, and it was Megan.

The judges didn’t ask for any sing-offs during Monday’s episode, although it looked like they might when they brought Elise Kristine and OIivia Soli into the room. Both singers delivered powerhouse performances during the Showstoppers round, and they both made it into the Top 24.



Platinum Ticket Winner Cam Amen Is Eliminated

Much like Sunday’s episode, Monday’s episode featured two Platinum Ticket winners, only one of whom made it into the Top 24. That person was Elijah McCormick, who impressed the judges with his Showstoppers performance.

Unfortunately, fellow Platinum Ticket winner Cam Amen failed to make it to the next round with his performance of “The Impossible Dream.” Lionel Richie commented that his confidence seemed to fluctuate as he was performing.

Elijah McCormick and Tyson Venegas are now the only two Platinum Ticket winners to make it into the Top 24. It just goes to show how tough the competition is this season, as the judges continue to emphasize.


The Top 24 Becomes the Top 26

At the end of the night, the judges brought Matt Wilson, Colin Stough, and Iam Tongi into the room together and shared that there was only one spot left in the Top 24. That spot ended up going to Iam, who moved the panel with his performance of “The Sound of Silence.”

However, the judges then shared a twist with the remaining two contestants. They decided to change the Top 24 into a Top 26, meaning both Colin and Matt got to move on to the next round. All three singers celebrated, as they’ve become friends.

The judges then talked to the Top 26, sharing that they’ll be performing for America’s vote at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii. This two-night stage of the competition will air next Sunday and Monday at 8/7c on ABC, before the season moves on to the live shows.

Do you agree with the judges’ decision to create a Top 26? Let us know in the comments below.

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Kristen D
Kristen D
1 year ago

Paige Anne was biggest snub in idol history!!!

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