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‘AGT’ Winner Michael Grimm is “Sedated and in Intensive Care Unit” Due to Mystery Health Issue

Michael Grimm wins America's Got Talent Season 5Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank

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America’s Got Talent season five winner Michael Grimm has been hospitalized and sedated since Memorial Day. The musician is currently battling an illness that reportedly remains to be a mystery.

Michael Grimm is Unconscious Amid Cryptic Health Issue

On Instagram, the singer’s wife Lucie Zolverva-Grimm shared a video update about her husband using his Instagram account on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Grimm is in intensive care at the moment, being admitted to the hospital since late May.

In the video, Lucie told that Grimm has not been feeling well, saying that he was “fussy” and looking “sickly.” Lucie further stated that she initially thought Grimm may have suffered stroke, but it turned out it wasn’t the case.

According to Lucie, Grimm showed signs like lacking energy and struggling to finish his performances last month. She also revealed that the signs went far as the musician had a hard time walking and lifting his head. Unluckily, the Mississippi star’s health declined further when he was taken to the hospital.

“Whatever was going on in his body from whatever, toxins I guess, they were going to his brain, he started talking gibberish,” Lucie stated.

At present, Grimm remains to be sedated. The good news though, as reported by Lucie, is that the musician is already out of the ventilator.

His Upcoming Concerts are Cancelled

Bedridden for over a week now, Grimm has to undergo physical therapy. Lucie said that her husband is “improving” although it’s “taking time.” Moreover, while she admitted that she’s physically and emotionally exhausted, she finds comfort with the fact that Grimm is taken care of by a phenomenal team of medical professionals.

Lucie further revealed that Grimm’s June concerts in Las Vegas have already been cancelled. The musician was supposed to have a July show in Arizona, but that was called off as well. However, just in case Grimm improves his health by August, his professional affairs in that month remain set.

Grimm became known after he won America’s Got Talent season five in 2010. He beat 10-year-old opera singer Jackie Evancho during the Finale.

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