‘AGT’ Recap: Auditions Wrap Up as Judges Decide Who Moves On

Jill O'Rourke
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Camille K AGTPhoto by: Trae Patton/NBC

America’s Got Talent Season 17 returned on Tuesday night for the final round of auditions before the live shows kick off next week. At the end of the episode, the judges narrowed down the 138 acts who made it through to only 54. Meanwhile, one wildcard will be decided by the public.

‘AGT’ Judges Choose Live Show Acts, Plus Wildcard

Although we thought maybe this season would bring back some form of Judge Cuts, that didn’t happen. Instead, three of the judges (minus Sofia Vergara, who couldn’t be there) gathered at Simon Cowell’s house to decide which acts should go to the live shows.

The six Golden Buzzer acts have an automatic spot in the Qualifiers round, so they’re all safe. The judges were shown video chatting with their chosen Golden Buzzer acts. They then had to narrow the competition down to just 55. They ended up settling on 54, with one wildcard spot up for grabs.

The four acts up for the final spot are singers Ben Waites and Debbii Dawson, sword swallower Auzzy Blood, and comedian Jordan Conley. Fans can vote for their favorite up to 10 times per method until Friday morning at 7 a.m. ET.

Otherwise, to find out if your favorite act made it through to the live shows, you can check the AGT website or the show’s official app.

Final Round of Auditions Highlights Married Couples

Tuesday’s new episode kicked off with two talented married couples. At first, we thought Emily Bland was just performing by herself. She opened her mouth and sang “Your Man” by Josh Turner with a deep country voice. The judges were confused, until her husband stepped out and revealed that he was the one singing.

What made the act so interesting is that Emily is able to spontaneously lip sync to people talking or singing, even if she doesn’t know what they’re going to say. She even demonstrated on the judges. As Howie Mandel joked, it’s like ventriloquism with a human puppet.

Another impressive married couple from this week’s episode was the duo Mind2Mind. They performed some amazing mind-reading tricks, with husband James there in person with the judges, and wife Marina outside. She was able to guess how much battery was left on Sofia Vergara’s phone and describe a random memory written down by an audience member.


Simon Cowell Stops Camille K Mid-Performance

One of judge Simon Cowell’s favorite things to do is stop a singer mid-performance and ask them to sing something else. This week, he did it to 16-year-old singer Camille K, who started off singing “Let’s Fall in Love for the Night” by Finneas while playing guitar.

Cowell paused her and asked if she writes her own songs. Camille said she did, and she decided to perform an original called “Still in Love.” She showed off a soulful voice that impressed the judges, including Cowell, who said her performance was “beautiful.”

Another standout singer from this week was 21-year-old Aubrey Burchell. Sofia Vergara predicted that she could win the entire season. The judges also loved Bay Turner, who shared that he had recovered from a paralyzed vocal cord before singing “Biblical” by Calum Scott to a standing ovation.

Next week, the live shows kick off on Tuesday night, with a results show on Wednesday night.

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