10 Highlights of ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 14’s Auditions So Far

Julia Delbel
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Tonight’s episode of America’s Got Talent will re-vist the best and most memorable auditions of Season 14 thus far, so we’re taking a look back at some of our own favorites!

1. Kodi Lee

We were all blown away by Kodi’s amazing singing and piano playing skills, especially knowing of his blindness and autism. Gabrielle Union was so impressed by Kodi that she used her Golden Buzzer to send him directly to the live shows in August!

2. Eric Chien

Magicians need to be extra-impressive in order to make the live shows, and Eric had even more to prove coming off the heels after card magic won not only last season, but also America’s Got Talent: The Champions. But he gave his own special spin and story to the act and it really stood out because of that.

3. Light Balance Kids

This group also had huge shoes to fill left behind by their predecessors, but they managed to carry on the Light Balance brand well and make a serious statement with their audition: they’re here to compete.

4. Tyler Butler-Figueroa

Tyler is a young violinist who has already battled cancer (and overcame being bullied for it) in his short life. Simon Cowell was so impressed by his skills that he made him his Golden Buzzer act for the season. Tyler also stands out because he is the first Golden Buzzer from one of the regular panelists that entails something other than singing in four years.

5. Michael Paul

Michael set up his act like he was going to do tricks with a live bird, but it ended up just being a puppet. Fortunately, the fun didn’t stop after the reveal, and his ventriloquy performance was quite entertaining.

6. V Unbeatable

They came all the way from India to audition, and this dance group certainly has skills! They were one of the most-talked about acts from the premiere, and if their buzz keeps up they could make it far in the competition.

7. Bir Khalsa Group

Now here’s an act we can certainly say we haven’t seen before on AGT! We don’t really know why someone would want to smash fruits surrounding another person while blindfolded, but we do know it’s a lot of fun to watch!

8. Dom Chambers

Dom’s basing his magic act entirely around beer may have been an odd theme to go with, but that’s exactly what made it perfect for AGT. And his charisma really sold the whole thing, so we just rolled with it!

9. Izzy & Easton

Dance groups tend to fare better than dance duos on AGT, but these two have a real charm and energy that already have us rooting for them to go far. The choreography of their audition routine was dynamic and engaging and the theme was something different from what we usually see with kid dance acts.

10. Sethward

Whether you’re into his style of comedy or not, the grand return of Sethward was without-a-doubt one of the most memorable moments of Season 14 so far. The image of him in those silly animal costumes won’t be leaving our brains anytime soon.

What have been your favorite moments of AGT Season 14 so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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