10 Celebrities You Forgot Were on ‘The Masked Singer’

Corey Cesare
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The Masked Singer hasn’t been around nearly as long as Dancing With The Stars or American Idol has, but with multiple seasons in a year it can be hard to remember who’s already been on the show. In the past five seasons, which celebrities did we forget about on The Masked Singer?

1. T-Pain

Absolutely no one expected a well known name like T-Pain to be on the first season of The Masked Singer. Fans of the series were shocked to hear this singer without any type of autotune, many people couldn’t guess it was him!

2. Logan Paul

Grandpa Monster definitely didn’t do the best when he planned his clues for season five of the series. Although the panelists originally thought he was his brother, his identity was still very obvious. This season aired in early 2021, so I could understand how he thought people might have forgotten about he and his brother’s 2017 scandals. Unfortunately, such was not the case, he was eliminated after only two performances.

3. Tamera Mowry-Housley

I don’t think anyone expected this Sister Sister actress to take to the stage without her twin. Not only were panelists shocked to see Tamera Mowry-Housley unmasked, they were impressed with just how good her voice was in season five.

4. Lil Wayne

Just like T-Pain, this singer’s voice was almost unrecognizable without autotune. Even though he has more of a unique voice he still was able trip up the panelists in season three.

5. Jordyn Woods

Its no secret that The Masked Singer loves bringing people from the Kardashian circle. Jordyn Woods walked on this show so Caitlyn Jenner and Tyga could run. This Life of Kylie reality star joined the series in season three as Kangaroo. Even though this singer was tough to identify, Jenny McCarthy managed to guess her identity right.

6. Gladys Knight

To this day, Gladys Knight is still one of the biggest stars to be on The Masked Singer. This seven-time Grammy Award Winner is known as Bee in season one of the series, but most people actually call her the “Empress of Soul.” By the end of her time on the show, most of the panelists were totally confident that Gladys Knight was behind the mask.

7. Tori Kelly

Ever since this singer’s first performance, it was obvious that she is a powerhouse performer. She ended up winning fourth place in the fourth season of the series. Although Tori Kelly has a very specific vocal range, panelists couldn’t see her signature blonde curls.

8. Chris Daughtry

In season two, Chris Daughtry took to The Masked Singer stage as rottweiler. This singer can easily be recognized in his rock band, but panelists were shocked to hear him singing alone. At the time, it was monumental that Chris Daughtry would be on this show, but now we sometimes forget that he was even on it.

9. Raven Symoné

Season two of The Masked Singer saw a female artist with a strong lower register. Even though the panelists seemed to know that Raven Symoné was under the mask, they kept her around for three performances. Each time this That’s So Raven actress left the audience speechless.

10. Bob Saget

The panelists were so sure that Bob Saget was Taco in season three, but it was actually Tom Bergeron. In season four Bob Saget actually joined the show and his identity was guessed correct. The only panelist who did not guess correct was Ken Jeong. Panelists were sad to see a great comedian eliminated from the competition so soon.

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