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ZB Label Postpones AleXa’s EP Promotion Amid Seoul Halloween Tragedy

AleXa wins 'American Song Contest'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

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Aligned with the aftermath of Seoul Halloween stampede, ZB Label has temporarily postponed American Song Contest winner AleXa’s EP promotion schedule. This gives AleXa and her record label sufficient time to participate in Korea’s period of national mourning.

AleXa’s Girls Gone Vogue EP is Temporarily Postponed

On Sunday, October 30, Alexa’s label, ZB, announced the delay of the Girls Gone Vogue promotion schedule. AleXa’s EP pre-release was supposed to begin on the announcement date, with following lyric and video teasers. Additionally, the K-pop artist’s EP promotion was unfolding simultaneously with her tour in Houston, Texas and San Francisco, California.

“We have decided to temporarily postpone the promotion schedule for AleXa’s new [Girls Gone Vogue] mini album.” the record label wrote on Instagram. “ZB Label would like to express our deepest condolences to the victims, bereaved families, and those affected by the heartbreaking tragedy.”

For those who may not know, South Korea is currently in state of tragedy after more than 150 people were killed in a Halloween crush in Itaewon District, Seoul. Victims totaled an estimate of 100,000, mostly in their teens and 20’s.

To grieve over the deadly disaster, ZB Label asks for fans kind understanding. As of writing, ZB label has not announced the details of the new promotion schedule yet.

Fans Understood the Music Release Delay

Although fans have long been waiting for AleXa’s new EP, they do realize the gravity of the situation. They quickly expressed their condolences upon seeing the announcement.

“Take all the time you need, ZB. And condolences to those who lost loved ones,” one fan commented.

Fans believe that postponing the promotion is the “right thing to do” as an expression of respect for the victims. Until November 5, South Korea is under a mourning period.

“It’s ok we understand!! Stay safe and we will still be here when you’re ready!!” another person wrote.

For now, fans can only wish for South Korea to heal and for AleXa and ZB Label to come back soon.

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