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‘X Factor’ Contestant Gets a Little Too Excited Down Below, Simon Cowell Doesn’t Even Notice

Samantha Agate

Samantha Agate


When a contestant who simply introduced himself as Steve walked onto The X Factor Global stage, the audience noticed one huge thing about him straight away. For the entire audition, everyone was just focused on what was going on down below.

‘X Factor Global’ Contestant Has Hard Time During His Audition

“I just can’t believe how nervous I can get, but I’m determined to see it through to the bitter end,” Steve said before he even stepped out onto The X Factor stage.

Clearly, he was nervous and the reaction he got from the judges and the crowd when he walked out certainly did not help that. The camera zoomed in on Steve’s pants and everyone giggled and hooted right away.

“Can we calm down a bit? Everyone’s getting overexcited,” Simon Cowell said to the audience.

The cameraman once again zoomed in on the situation going on in Steve’s pants and it did seem like he was a bit too excited, if you’re catching our drift. But even though everyone was laughing at him, he really wanted to show off his singing talents with the goal of eventually selling records.


For his audition among the laughter, Steve sang “It’s My Party.” Nobody could keep a straight face during the performance and Cheryl kept telling the judges to look at his trousers. Things got even more awkward for Steve when the camera panned to his daughters watching the audition from backstage. They looked like they were a bit mortified from the whole situation.

“Steve, I can tell you were having a good time up there weren’t you?” Cowell asked. This of course prompted more giggles from the audience.

“Steve, I just don’t think you have the full package,” Louis Walsh said after the performance. He did not end up going through to the next round of the competition.

What Happened After the Embarrassing Audition?

If you found Steve’s performance to be a bit cringe, check out the compilation video. It features 10 cringeworthy acts that literally left Simon speechless and will make you feel a bit of secondhand embarrassment.

After Steve’s audition aired on television, fans of The X Factor rallied behind him and said that the judges were being very mean.

“Omg..this is so disrespectful….the guy is so humble….didn’t abuse any of the judges for their bad words… and left the stage with a million dollar smile…Seriously I am feeling sad for him,” wrote one person on YouTube.

“I feel like the camera men were very disrespectful to do that,” wrote another. “Especially that his daughters were there. They kept on zooming it in. They should have warned him or even better not zoomed in a thousand times…..”

“These judges have no class, no manners and they disgrace that man without a qualm,” another comment said. “And they get payed for it.”


Steve is definitely not an easy guy to track down, but after his time on The X Factor we hope he knows that fans have been on his side. And if it’s any consolation, one person even commented: “Louis is just jealous because it’s bigger than his.”

What a zinger!

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