Who Will Challenge Who on ‘The Four’ Comeback Night?

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The Four: Battle for Stardom made a surprise announcement. After a fan vote, not one but four eliminated singers will return Thursday and attempt to take back their seats.

Ash Minor, Candice Boyd, Saeed, and fan-favorite Zhavia will once again take the stage. Who will they each challenge? Here are Talent Recap’s predictions:

Candice Boyd vs. Tim Johnson, Jr.

Candice Boyd vs Tim Johnson Jr The Four Comeback

Tim took Candice’s seat in episode 3. His version of Kodaline’s All I Want outshined Candice’s cover of Here by Alessia Cara. Diddy called Tim “the ultimate performer,” but after the vote, Candice said, “I felt like I got robbed a little bit. Vocally I’m stronger. I think my performance was stronger.” Bold words! How could she pass up this opportunity at revenge?

Saeed vs. Jason Warrior

Saeed vs Jason Warrior

In the second episode, Jason eliminated Saeed. He got on his knees during his audition of Love Me Now by John Legend. Then he blew everyone away with a powerful cover of Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Saeed’s response, a soulful rendition of Stevie Wonder’s Superstition, just wasn’t dazzling enough. When Jason was voted the winner, he started crying — and so did Fergie. Saeed’s an easygoing guy, but that must have gotten under his skin. If he can show some power, he just might be able to retake his seat.

Ash Minor vs. Nick Harrison

Ash Minor vs Nick Harrison

Because he wasn’t challenged in the first week, we didn’t meet Ash until episode 2. Nick just won his seat last week. So these two lack the fan following and the catalog of songs that the other contenders have. With his accent and good looks, Ash has a dreamy quality that Nick lacks; but Nick defied all the judges’ expectations with his amazing writing and rapping. I rate this one a toss-up.

Zhavia vs. Kendyle Paige

Zhavia vs Kendyle The Four Comeback #thefourcomeback

Without a doubt, this challenge will happen. Zhavia was the longest-lasting member of the Four when Kendyle pulled the upset last week. Meghan Trainor had to be convinced to vote Kendyle through, and when she ended up beating Zhavia, Meghan immediately regretted it. She cried and left the stage. Was it really a fluke? Was Zhavia still suffering from her illness? Has the Zhavia bandwagon hit the end of the road? We’ll find out together.


Jason Ginsburg
Jason Ginsburg

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