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Who Is The Harlequin on ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues Decoded + The Mask Revealed

Harlequin on 'The Masked Singer' UKITV/The Masked Singer UK

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Season 2 of The Masked Singer UK continues unraveling the mysteries behind the masks. Among the five masks that remained was Harlequin. We’d seen the clues, but couldn’t place all of them. We questioned if we were following the wrong clues. The second reveal of this week was still a shock to us and we even guessed it. Check out how we sorted out the clues and got to the revealed star.

Harlequin performs “Sweet But Psycho” by Ava Max to end her masquerade

Clues For Harlequin On The Masked Singer UK Season 2


To kick off the clues for their first week, we find Harlequin on the grounds of a stately manor. Harlequin starts up saying, “…although I’m no fool, you could definitely say that I’m a bit of a joke” followed up with a “shush.” They are shown scanning a newspaper with the headline “Breaking News.” A weather forecast is also printed showing sunny days ahead. Participating in TMS UK isn’t much of a “laugh” claims the Harlequin. The masked singer admits performing on stage is terrifying and they might need a “push.” We are given one last morsel of information learning Harlequin “once played the male lead in a musical.”

Week 2

Leading into the clue package, Harlequin tells us we’ve “gotta be quick to catch [them].” To start the clues, we learn they were “fascinated by stories and loved to read,” as letters fly off the pages of a book. Adding they “enjoyed tales of horror and gore.” Harlequin equally likes telling “stories of [their] own” as they write “Who am I?” onto a blank page. Their “stories were heard by many people” around the world, who in turn told Harlequin stories of their own. They go on to mention “[their] stories became legends…” and “joined another famous story.”

Here are the two lies and a truth we have to sift:

  • “My bodyguard received a lot of attention”
  • “I get up before the sun for work”
  • “I once turned down a prince”

Week 3

A very helpful clue in the song this week, as Harlequin sang “Fast Cars” by Tracy Chapman. Entering the third clue package, Harlequin pops a red balloon. As they wander through the manor, Harlequin celebrated feeling as they had “really cleaned up” with the comments from the panel. Adding to that thought they say “it’s not the first time in my life that I have cleaned up.” We see two cartoon birds fly in as Harlequin dusts off a few trophies. While Harlequin would more likely be found at home, they admit to loving a good festival. Using the word they recently picked up, “lit,” as a way to describe them. 

Week 4

One of the first things we learn this week is Harlequin did “begin their career in a man’s suit.” A hand of unusual playing cards is fanned out. The cards in the hand are “A, 6, M, O, B, O, 10, 8, 10, 6.” We get a peek under the dress to reveal them to wear clown shoes. Harlequin reveals they’ve “stood shoulder to shoulder with dignitaries” and “chatted to world leaders.” They add “none of them were a patch on a prince I once met.” In front of a Pantheon-like structure, they say it “knocks me off my feet to think of all the places I have been.” In the surveillance footage, Harlequin struggles to pick up a scarf they dropped.

Week 5

The video package started this week with a kaleidoscope-like filter. They share “it’s important to make a good impression.” On that topic, they add, “rumor has it, someone I admire very much used to do impressions of me.” Harlequin tells us “it’s the accomplishments of others that makes [them] most proud.” There is a bar cart shown and on top are four bottles of soda. The labels spell out B R I T. The last thing they tell us is they’re “not work shy, though I admit I only like to work three months of the year.”

Best Guesses For TMS UK‘s Harlequin

The guesses going around Harlequin were bouncing all over. Judges liked names like Tracy Chapman, Scarlett Moffatt, or maybe Emeli Sandé. Looking at what fans are saying on Twitter, it would appear they favor Gabrielle as the voice behind Harlequin. 

Our Prediction For TMS UK’s Harlequin

We are scratching our heads trying to make sense of everything. The little bit we have picked up on leads us to Gabrielle as well. Here’s why that name might be the popular guess.

Photo: Jo Hale / Stringer via Getty Images Gabrielle

Week 1 Explained

The first thing we can make sense of is the newspaper and it might give 2 hints. The “breaking news” could be a reference to the horrific news story her name became widely associated to. Her son’s father, Tony Antoniou, committed a gruesome beheading of his step-father, dragging Gabrielle into the media frenzy. A less macabre clue, the sunny forecast could be a clue to her third album’s lead single, “Sunshine.” In her bio section of her website we can learn of her nerves when performing. She said herself “you may have to push me onto the stage as I do get nervous but you will have to pull me off as I never want it to end.”

Week 2 Explained

The writing and reading clues tend to lead us astray. While it might be a stretch, here’s how we think it fits our guess. Gabrielle started writing poetry which turned into songwriting, so she has a writing background. In an interview from 2018, Gabrielle shared her love of books and not being into “girly’ fiction. Being an international chart-topper with her songwriting being so personal, Gabrielle’s stories have been heard around the world. 

Going back to the dark story with her ex, is how they joined another famous story. The beheaded body was found at Cutthroat Bridge which earned that name remembering a 400-year-old murder that took place at the site. Antoniou’s victim was the second murder victim to be tied to this location of lore. The truth amongst the lies is hard to pin but we’re going with turning down a prince. Gabrielle was once invited to perform with Prince but too nervous to perform, she declined the offer. 

Week 3 Explained

The strong clue from the song is its connection to Gabrielle’s debut single “Dreams.” The earliest version of the song sampled the melody until it was removed for copyright infringement. Dusting off a few trophies could imply the awards were won some time ago. Gabrielle is a successful artist with many awards but with breaks between albums, it’s been some time since her last notable win. Our suspect is known to enjoy being home, being a good mom to her children and two nieces they raise. Gabrielle has been a headline at a few festivals. Being that her career started nearly three decades ago, “lit” would be a new phrase to pick up. 

Week 4 Explained 

Our guess for the masked celeb is widely known for performing in men’s suits. It’s very apparent to us the playing cards are shouting to our singer’s numerous MOBO awards. Gabrielle got to meet and perform for Nelson Mandela and others, tying up the dignitaries and world leader clue. The choice to use the word “patch” in their comparison might be a subtle nod to the eye patch she is known to wear sometimes. The Pantheon structure might be tying her son’s connection to Greece, whose father was a Cypriot. The scarf dropped appears to just be “out of reach,” a nod to the single from her greatest hits album. 

Gerry Penny/AFP/Getty Images Gabrielle with Nelson Mandela and Tony Blair at the Labour conference in 2000 / Photo: Gerry Penny/AFP/Getty Images

Week 5 Explained

There was a sigh of relief hearing about rumors of someone impersonating them. Adele has shared that she used to impersonate Gabrielle growing up, even donning the trademark eye patch. “Rumor has it” starting the statement even steering us to the Grammy winning songstress . And who doesn’t admire Adele? The soda bottles are obvious, leading us to Gabrielle’s BRIT Awards wins. In an interview, Gabrielle once opened up about her personal life. There are bits mentioned about her mother raising her as a hard worker and preferring a simple family life at home.

Did We Decode The Clues For Harlequin on Masked Singer UK?

Making it to the semi-finals, Harlequin confusion was put to rest. We were not willing to bet our last dollar on it, but it turns out we were right after all. We head into the finals with just 3 masks left to reveal. Are we clued in or clueless? Follow us for the clues and catch The Masked Singer UK Saturdays at 7 pm on ITV. 

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