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Who Is The Badger On ‘The Masked Singer’ UK? Clues Decoded + The Mask Revealed

Badger on 'The Masked Singer' UKITV/The Masked Singer UK

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The second season of The Masked Singer UK started with 12 masked celebrities and this week it boiled down to two. Badger was able to outlast Robin in the finals but was the second of the night to be unmasked. Going into the finals, the clues really began to shape and the final clues confirmed it. Here’s how the clues stacked up and our “oh so right” prediction.

Badger performing “Believer” by Imagine Dragons to claw through to the final two

Clues For The Badger On The Masked Singer UK Season 2

Week 1

In the first week, Badger’s clue package offered little in terms of hints. Thankfully there maybe a couple of other tells that are pointing us in the right direction. In the package, we find Badger in a garage working on a motorcycle. They mention being behind a mask is not new, adding, “in my career, I’ve been totally used to being anonymous.” Elaborating more on this Badger mentions they “could have been on the streets, surrounded by people but no one would have had any idea it was [them].” We are given our final clue with Badger stating “I see things like a virtual world.”

Week 2

For week two we got a glimpse into Badger before stardom. In the clue package, we learn that Badger used to be terribly shy. Because of that shyness, they kept their talent hidden for years. One day they decided to show their friends what they can do and that’s when “this Badger blossomed.” We also get hints that Badger is a romantic and somewhat of a poet. A poster of a periodic table can also be spotted on the wall of the garage with a few select elements highlighted. 

For their two lies and a truth, Badger gives us these three statements:

  • “I’m good at dodging furniture”
  • “When working I’m often found in green”
  • “strictly speaking dancing is something I’m well known for”

Week 3

The song supposedly cluing us in was “Because of You” By Kelly Clarkson. Making sense of the other clues is a challenge, but here’s what we picked up on. In the introduction, we can see Badger holding a small oil can. Badger boasts they come from a big and creative family. Within their large household, they could be considered “one of a kind.” We learn that Badger’s mother opened them up to their gift at an early age. A shot of a salad being served over a Chinese zodiac calendar is presented. Closing out the confusing clues, Badger says about his childhood home, there was “no room for a mouse in the house.”

Week 4

We start our week 4 learnings finding out Badger is used to being in more than one type of studio. Seeming a bit smug on that clue being “cryptic” they tell us “I love to play games.” Adding to this, Badger flashes a few medals claiming “I play to win.” Next, we see an internet search for “Good Luck Charms.” A “Coding For Badgers” book is flashed and we see the URL “www.milliner-magazine.com/badger.” In our surveillance footage we read some of Badger’s mail to find a thank you note from a “Barbra.”

Week 5

Badger starts by saying “just like my career, I’ve been able to remain anonymous” in regards to the competition. It begins to snow as Badger is shown dancing in front of a Christmas tree with a sack full of presents. They tell us “spreading cheer shouldn’t be just for Christmas,” it should be every day. We learn that they try to use their platform to give back, One way “might be helping other artists get discovered.” Badger adds they want to help others have their dreams come true too. Exiting the package, we get a glimpse of a wooden sign marking three trails, “The Woods,” “Blurry Lines Pond,” and “The Valley.”

Week 6

We start the clues this week with Badger admitting he doesn’t envy the judge’s tough decision. Adding they know what it’s like to be “sat on a panel as a judge.” Next, they’re shown sitting on a flight of stairs. Just behind them are a pair of silver shoes. With their eyes on the TMS crown, Badger again makes mention of having “won some big awards” in their time. The final clue they offer is this statement: “This has been my greatest role outside of ‘Ollywood.”

Best guesses for TMS UK’s Badger

ITV The Badger/ Photo: ITV

The judges seemed to believe it could have been Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. Some other names they put thought toward were Andy Serkis and Will Young. The internet seemed quite stumped for a period but eventually seemed to piece it together. With guesses going all over the place, Ne-Yo was a popular guess.

Our Prediction for TMS UK’s Badger

Based on what we’ve made of the clues, our gut agrees that Badger is Grammy award-winning singer/songwriter Ne-Yo. Here are the reasons why.

GettyImages Ne-Yo / Photo: Joseph Okpako / Contributor via Getty Images

Badger’s Clues Decoded

Week 1 Explained

Let’s breakdown the clues. The Badger refers to himself as being someone less recognizable to the public. This could be speaking to Ne-Yo’s success ghostwriting hits for some top acts like Rihanna, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, and even Celine Dion. The stage name Ne-Yo is our link to “[seeing] things like a virtual world.” A producer he previously worked with coined the name, describing his ability to see music how the character Neo could see The Matrix. 

Week 2 Explained

The Badger being well-versed in poetry could also be furthering the idea of the established ghostwriter. Ne-Yo was accepted to Las Vegas Academy, a local Vegas arts high-school. We connect this as Badger finally sharing his talent after years of hiding. The periodic table gives strong hints. With a few elements highlighted, all of them are metals except one. The metals might be referencing Ne-Yo’s portrayal of the Tin Man in The Wiz Live! The non-metallic element marked is “neon.” With the periodic symbol of “Ne,” we get half of his name. Looking at two lies and one truth, it makes sense “…dancing is something I’m well known for” to be a true statement for the established dancer and World of Dance judge.

NBC The Wiz! Live/ Photo Kwaku Alston courtesy of NBC

Week 3 Explained

Choosing to sing the Kelly Clarkson song they did, we think is because Ne-Yo has a track of the same name. We see Badger holding an oil can furthering our Tin Man connection. Ne-Yo’s parents were both musicians hence Badger’s “creative family.” The zodiac calendar could perhaps allude towards Ne-Yo’s Grammy-nominated album Year of the Gentleman. While the salad could be speaking to his vegan diet. Ne-Yo did have to audition to be accepted into the Las Vegas Academy. This could indicate Badger’s mom exposing them to their gift from an early age.

Week 4 Explained

Our guess Ne-Yo has a diverse career spanning TV, movie and music each with respective studios. The references to playing games to win might hint to Ne-Yo’s time competing on Celebrity Ninja Warrior. His completion of the course and his illustrious career could equate to Badger’s awards. The coding book may be a lesser-known fact, but Ne-Yo is closely tied to Holberton School of Software Engineering. The judges seem to forget Ne-Yo is often seen in a milliner hat, but we didn’t. The Barbra thanking Badger could be the one and only Barbra Streisand. Ne-Yo performed “Lover Come Back To Me” as a tribute to her at the Kennedy Center Honors in 2008.

Week 5 Explained

Another mention of having a career of anonymity solidifies they’re alluding to Ne-Yo’s ghostwriting history. Ne-Yo’s holiday album is an obvious connection to Christmas, but a stronger connection to other clues can be made. The clues this week speak heavily to their giving back nature. Ne-Yo does an annual gift-giving tour every holiday, spreading cheer to youth in group homes and foster care. In season 2 of The Voice, Ne-Yo was an advisor for Team CeeLo. That, plus his seat as a judge on World of Dance are platforms he’s helped other artists be discovered. While the three signs don’t make sense to us as a single clue, perhaps it’s three things our Badger can be linked to. The Wiz had scenes in the woods, he turned down offers to work on “Blurred Lines” with Pharrell, and he’s hoping to diversify Silicon Valley, it all points to Ne-Yo.

Week 6 Explained

This week the clues confirmed we were following the right crumbs. As we said before, Ne-Yo is a judge on World of Dance so he’s all familiar with making the tough decisions. Our hunch to follow Ne-Yo’s role in The Wiz felt iffy until we saw the silver shoes. In The Wizard of Oz Dorothy received red slippers but in The Wiz, they are silver. Mentioning winning “big awards” reinforces the nod to Ne-Yo’s trophy case which includes 3 Grammys among others. 

Did We Decode The Clues For Badger On Masked Singer UK?

We were pretty confident we picked up on the right clues. Tonight we learned that we did. Were you shocked by discovering it was Ne-Yo or did you see what we saw? You can continue to follow the clues with us next season on The Masked Singer UK. We have to keep the streak alive.

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