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What is Morgan Wallen Trying to Do With His New Collaboration with Lil Durk?

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Morgan Wallen has put out another song and it is getting some crazy reviews. “Broadway Girls” by Lil Durk featuring Morgan is currently trending on Twitter and Google for one of the weirdest collaborations ever. This duo’s song is getting a lot of traction, but it seems to be more about the motivations behind the song, rather than the song itself.

This song is an interesting mix of country music and rap. I think the vibe is fun, but I don’t quite understand how this song came about. Fans of both singers are commenting extremely positive things about the new tune. So far, they are really loving this country-rap duo. Many fans stated that this wasn’t the collaboration they expected, but they aren’t mad about it.

For those who might not know Lil Durk, he’s a rapper and singer from Chicago. He’s known for songs like “Laugh Now Cry Later” featuring Drake, “Still Runnin,” “Pissed Me Off,” and more. He received two Grammy nominations in 2020 and one NAACP nomination in 2021. Although he’s not yet a huge name in mainstream music, he is still well-known and certainly on the rise.


Is Morgan Trying to Gain Black Community Support With This Song?

Although we don’t know the exact motivations behind this collaboration, I think everyone is wondering the same thing: where did this song come from? Late last year, The Voice alum was caught on camera yelling the N-word at his white friends after a night out. Morgan and his friends were outside of his house in Nashville, Tennessee at the time, and the video quickly blew up.

Wallen appeared on Good Morning America following the video where he admitted his wrongdoings and suggested that rehab and conversations with Black owned organizations have helped him understand that what he did was wrong. I don’t want to sugar coat this situation in anyway, so I think it’s important to include the fact that Wallen’s apology was lackluster considering he said he used the harmful word in a playful manner.

Despite the incident, Wallen grew to become one of the biggest names in country music. Most artists end up regretting their actions after their music gets pulled from award shows and radio stations, but Wallen hasn’t received that type of cancellation.

When the video surfaced, Wallen was pulled from his label, his songs were no longer streamable, and he was in-eligible for the country music awards, but his album sales continued to grow. His album had been doing well before the video surfaced, but the leaked video created a $500,000 spike in album sales, which he says he donated to Black-owned organizations.

Since all of this occured, it feels like this collaboration was created purely for Wallen to gain favor with the Black community. While this may be a good song, and Lil Durk put out great work, we should all be questioning what Wallen actually had in mind when he set off to create this rap-country collab.

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