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‘The Voice’ Season 15: The Live Playoffs Results Recap


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The Live Playoffs are back for a second night on The Voice! And tonight, we find out who will be in the Top 13. Blake, Adam, Jennifer, and Kelly will all have two artists saved by popular vote. Then, they will choose who to save for their third artist. It’s sure to be an epic night of results PLUS, we have guests performances from the Backstreet Boys and Kane Brown!

Let’s watch as The Voice goes live for the Playoffs results!


Team Blake

Blake’s team was up first, just as they were last night. The first person saved was Kirk Jay! No surprise there. He has been a standout on Team Blake since his four chair-turning Blind Audition. Next to be saved was Chris Kroeze! The final decision was up to coach Blake Shelton. He had his choice of Dave Fenley, Funsho, Michael Lee, and Natasia GreyCloud. Blake decided to take…Dave Fenley to the Top 13!

Blake’s Top 3: Kirk Jay, Chris Kroeze, Dave Fenley


Beverly McClellan Tribute

Beverly McClellan was on Team Christina in Season 1. She exemplified everything The Voice was about, bringing her big voice and even bigger personality to the stage every week. And that brought her to the Season 1 finale. About two weeks ago, Beverly sadly lost her long battle with cancer. Carson Daly mentioned that she was part of The Voice family and is loved and missed. A clip then played of one of her most memorable performances, “I’m the Only One” by Melissa Etheridge.


Kane Brown

Kane has been on The Voice stage before. But this time he was back singing his new single “Lose It.” The performance was fun and lively! And a nice little break from the tension of the results.


Team Adam

Speaking of! The second set of Live Playoffs results for the night were for Team Adam. America saved DeAndre Nico first, then Reagan Strange. Honestly again not surprised by these results! They have been the frontrunners on Adam’s team, maybe along with RADHA. Then when it came to choosing someone, Adam has a history of making some…questionable decisions. Well he continued that tonight by saving Tyke James after an “agonizing decision.” What? I thought RADHA and Kameron Marlow deserved this over him. But that’s neither here nor there!

Adam’s Top 3: DeAndre Nico, Reagan Strange, Tyke James

Team Kelsea

Now it was time for Team Kelsea from “The Comeback Stage!” Her two remaining artists will compete LIVE for votes to enter the Top 13 on the team of their choice. Like the Instant Saves, viewers can vote in real-time on Twitter.


Ayanna Joni chose “No Tears Left to Cry” by Ariana Grande for her Playoffs performance. She started off a little rough and pitchy but she found her stride quickly. Though she wasn’t vocally perfect, she commanded the stage. Her presence is undeniable! It’s just unfortunate that a lot of her biggest notes were under the pitch.


Lynnea Moorer sang “Boo’ed Up” by Elle Mai for her Playoffs performance. She was confident and understated. Lynnea did just enough with the song to make it her own while also keeping the melody intact. She really does seem to be getting better week after week. And Kelly was even tearing up after her song! I still don’t know if she can compete with the rest of the Top 12 but I guess we could see soon enough.


After that, it was up to the viewers on Twitter! They had five minutes to vote for a winner. During the commercial break, the results were shown on screen. To put it simply, Lynnea was ahead by a landslide basically the entire time. Literally she was in the 80’s while Ayanna was in the teens. Ouch. So it was no surprise after the commercial when Lynnea was announced as the winner. And she chose to join…Team Kelly!


Team JHud

In my opinion, Team JHud had the strongest team going into the Live Playoffs. The first artist saved by America was MaKenzie Thomas! Isn’t it crazy that just last season she didn’t turn a chair and now she’s in the Top 13? Not to rag on “The Comeback Stage” but this is the OG comeback path. Second to be saved by America was Kennedy Holmes, the youngest artist in the competition. For Jennifer, I knew she’d be between Patrique Fortson and SandyRedd. Unfortunately, Colton Smith and Franc West didn’t seem to have a chance. And, as predicted, JHud went with SandyRedd for her coach save. Honestly so deserved!

Jennifer’s Top 3: MaKenzie Thomas, Kennedy Holmes, SandyRedd


Backstreet Boys

Backstreet’s back…alright! Sorry, I had to. The Backstreet Boys came to perform their new song “Chances” live. After an introduction by longtime friend of the band and former TRL host Carson Daly, BSB sang their new single. It was a larger than life performance! (See what I did there?) They’ve definitely aged since the “glory days” of boy bands, but they were actually pretty good! And per usual, the song was catchy. “Chances” was decent but it just wasn’t the same hearing them sing new music. Anyway, let’s hope their DNA World Tour has more of their old songs. Because I want it that way. Okay, I’ll stop for real this time.


Team Kelly

For the final results of the night, we have Team Kelly. The public vote sent Chevel Shepherd and Sarah Grace to the Top 13. After saying that there was only a minute remaining, Kelly quickly talked about the journey they’ve been on to get here. And that she resonates with it because she’s been there! But Kelly eventually decided to save Kymberli Joye. A great decision to round out her team, in my opinion!

Kelly’s Top 4: Sarah Grace, Chevel Shepherd, Kymberli Joye, and “The Comeback Stage” winner Lynnea Moorer!

Top 13

So after an hour of results, we have our Top 13! Tune in to The Voice next week for their live performances.

The Voice Playoffs Top13

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