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Twitter Erupts Over Matt Johnson’s Dramatic ‘America’s Got Talent’ Escape Act


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When an America’s Got Talent act ends with Simon Cowell moaning into a microphone, you know Twitter is going to light up. Popular AGT escape artist Matt Johnson has already competed on Britain’s Got Talent and The World’s Best. Unfortunately, his act tonight was a little too exaggerated for AGT fans on social media.

‘AGT’s Matt Johnson Gets Mixed Reviews for Live Escape Trick

The gist of Matt’s performance was basically that his body was going to be fully constrained. A chainsaw going at lightning speed would come barreling towards his face if he did not escape in time. The escape artist squirmed as he tried to unlock himself from the restraints. His loud screams and moans could be heard from miles away.

His AGT audition was similar in that it involved a large saw that could lead to a huge accident. This live shows performance was a smidge different because it felt very produced. It was not the same natural or scared reaction that we have seen on his face in the past.


If you look closely, Matt’s arm did come close to touching the saw at the very end before he escaped. Even though Cowell was scared, he called Matt out. He noticed all of the weird sounds Matt was making in the quiet theater during the escape.

“I did think the noises you were making throughout the act were a bit over the top though,” he said.

Cowell proceeded to mimic Matt’s noises right into the microphone. Was anyone else uncomfortable? AGT is always full of shocking moments. Well luckily for Matt, the other judges seemed to be on his side. They applauded the danger factor of the act.

“Let’s see the noises you make when there’s a chainsaw heading into your face Simon,” Howie Mandel said.

The night of AGT live shows started off with children and puppies and turned into Matt nearly killing himself. Matt told Terry Crews that he makes a lot of noises when he gets scared. That definitely solves it!

Twitter Weighs in On Matt’s Act

“I’ve seen Matt Johnson in the UK and he’s done better than this,” one Twitter user wrote. “Simon is right, he was OTT. And don’t get me started on those sounds Simon was making.”

Some AGT viewers on Twitter were a bit more harsh than others. Matt had many people torn. He’s a very likable guy on and off the show. A ton of viewers all agreed that Cowell’s mimicking moans were not suited for television.

“Matt Johnson is so dramatic,” another Twitter user confessed. “I was actually laughing tho. Idk why. #AGT exciting, I guess. Nervous tick?”

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