Top 10 of The Most Dangerous Acts That Ever Auditioned on ‘Got Talent’

Blade 2 Blade on 'America's Got Talent'Photo by: Trae Patton/NBC

Some Got Talent contestants have enough guts to risk their lives for people’s entertainment. We compiled a list of dangerous acts that the world has witnessed in various seasons of Got Talent. Let’s look back at the performances that fascinated us and made us mentally upset at the same time.

1. Nikki McBurnett

Nikki McBurnett is a daredevil who wanted to prove that a grandma can survive an almost inescapable fire. During her America’s Got Talent audition, she went inside a limousine which soon blew up with gasoline. Impressively, she fled from the flaming vehicle with her cape blazing with fire.

2. Vardanyan Brothers

Coming from Armenia, Gevorg and Andranik Vardanyan are a stunt and acrobatic duo who appeared on Britain’s Got Talent stage, topless. Their act consisted of performing splits and standing on top of each other. Just as fans thought that the act couldn’t get any more dangerous, they placed swords in their mouths and tried to balance their tips while doing so.

3. Lord Nil

Lord Nil was an escape artist from Italy. His America’s Got Talent Judge Cuts performance consisted of escaping from a straitjacket above a cage of alligators. Lord Nil executed this before three ropes on fire burn and make him fall.

4. Bir Khalsa

Bir Khalsa was a danger group equipped with Sikh martial arts. During their AGT Judge Cuts, they slashed a cucumber in a member’s mouth with a chainsaw. This consequently received a standing ovation. This group is set to appear on AGT All-Stars this winter.

5. Billy & Emily

Victor and Carmen Emilia Arata are a sibling duo from Birmingham, England that auditioned for America’s Got Talent season 12. During their audition, they skated and spun on a mini flat surface set up in the stage. As Billy spins, he would hold onto Emily by the legs or waist.

6. Jonathan Goodwin

Jonathan Goodwin is a daredevil from Pembrokeshire, Wales. Reaching the Finals of BGT season 13, he performed a stunt planned by his daughter. Such consisted of a basic hourglass where he had to escape a box of gravel. Goodwin has also appeared on America’s Got Talent.

7. Bello Nock

Bello Nock is a clown and daredevil from America’s Got Talent season 12. In the attempt to impress everyone in the Judge Cuts, he served as a human bullet of a cannon. He fired over a helicopter, successfully landing on the ground.

8. Deadly Games

Deadly Games is a danger duo who competed in several Got Talent competitions before joining America’s Got Talent: The Champions. Their performance consisted of precise knife-throwing attacks. Surely, the sensual yet thrilling “Toxic” by Britney Spears has made the act more exciting.

9. Aaron Crow

Aaron Crow is a mentalist and magician from AGT season 13. His act comprised of pouring hot candle over his eyes and covering them with bandages, tape, and aluminum foil. Subsequently, he slashed a paper bag and wooden board held by audiences he invited on stage and slice a pineapple over Howie Mandel’s head.

10. Matt Johnson

Chaining himself to a water tank, Matt Johnson tried to escape through spotting the correct key which was placed alongside 20 others on Britain’s Got Talent. It took him two minutes and 20 seconds to rescue be freed from the water tank. Such act has earned mad respect from the judges and the crowd.

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