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‘The Voice’ Winner Danielle Bradbery Shows Her Sultry Side in New Music Video

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Danielle Bradbery has really come out of her shell since winning The Voice in 2013. Her latest music video for “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” is a sultry new side of her personality. Her fans could not be more in love with this sassy music release. Could this country singer be the next Carrie Underwood?

‘The Voice’ Winner Danielle Bradbery Stuns in ‘Stop Draggin Your Boots’ Music Video

In the “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” music video, Danielle dances with a group of background dancers decked out in stunning cowgirl-inspired outfits. She commands attention in a pair of knee-high white boots as she slays the choreography. The 25-year-old radiates confidence with the fiery lyrics about relationships.

“This song is a fiery anthem for every girl that’s ever felt strung along by a guy. The bold lyrics and sassy beat really pulled me in and reminded me of that fun, Shania Twain, 90s country pop vibe that I’m pumped to channel into my music,” Danielle said. “It made me feel for the times my friends and I have been in the middle of these situation-ships. There’s no longer room for wishy-washy feelings or time for you to be unsure – you’re either all in or you’re out!”


“Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” has the same appeal as Underwood’s smash hit “Before He Cheats.” Both songs are edgy and show off brand new sides of these talent shows winners. Danielle has cited Underwood as her biggest musical inspirations. “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots” has the potential to reach the same chart-topping status as “Before He Cheats” because it is catchy and relatable.

Danielle Has Gained More Confidence Over the Years Since ‘The Voice’

Throughout her career, Danielle has overcome stage fright. Before appearing on The Voice, Danielle had never performed on stage before. She was even too shy to sing around her family. Throughout the competition, her coach Blake Shelton was able to pull her out of her shell. She was molded into a radiant country artist that America fell in love with.

“I would be singing in my room to the wall basically and sometimes I remember at Thanksgiving, I would have to slide under the table because I didn’t like anyone looking at me,” Danielle said in 2014.

Obviously now with the release of “Stop Draggin’ Your Boots,” Danielle has recognized her full potential. It is clear she has grown more comfortable performing in front of people. Danielle released her self titled debut album in 2015. Her second album I Don’t Believe We’ve Met was released in 2017. She got a special shoutout from Shelton in 2020 when he called her his favorite artist to ever compete on The Voice.

Danielle Has Proven to Be a Very Versatile Artist

In 2020, Danielle reintroduced herself into the music scene with the song “Never Have I Ever” under BMLG Records. The music video was filmed following social distancing guidelines amid the pandemic. She definitely let loose and got a bit flirty in this video. She also worked on the song “Hometown” with Diplo and Zac Brown for Diplo Presents Thomas Wesley Chapter 1: Snake Oil.

Danielle showed versatility working with Latin artist Kurt this year. They performed a Spanish version of her song “Never Have I Ever.” It was the first time fans got to hear Danielle sing in Spanish. The Texas native grew up learning to sing in Spanish by her Mexican-born grandmother. Danielle described this romantic duet as “one of the most challenging things” she has ever done.

“Growing up I was surrounded by beautiful Latin music thanks to my grandmother who was a big inspiration,” Danielle wrote on Instagram in January. “It’s also so fun to see what my song can do, and hearing it in this way gives it a whole new life.”

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