The Agony And The Ecstasy Of ‘The X Factor UK’ Six Chair Challenge

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The time has come for the dreaded six chair challenge. The singers have made it through auditions and boot camp but now it gets serious. Sharon was up tonight to pick six spots for the judge’s house mentees from among the girls.

Scarlett Lee

First up was Scarlett, who Sharon initially gave a no to during the auditions because of her bad habits. She was great this time and Sharon gave her a seat.

Hayley Norton

Hayley came on the show as a dup with her mom. The judge’s thought Hayley should stay on without her mom and they chose to split up. Her performance was just aight. Sharon, however, chose to not give her a seat.

Sky Seron Wermerling

Cute Sky did a good job, not great. But it was enough for Sharon to give her a seat so she must have done something right.

Rai Elle Williams

Young Rai Elle blew away the judges with her amazing voice. She picked Simon and Garfunkle’s Bridge Over Troubled Water ACCAPELLA. That’s bold. It was crazy good. She got a chair easily.

Holly Tandy

Another youngin’, Holly came on with her big voice even though she’s only 16. Pretty, fresh, and with a spectacular voice she got through of course.

Nicole Caldwell

Sexy, raspy-voiced Nicole did not impress Sharon during auditions. Sharon said no, though. Mainly because she knew what was coming.

Shanaya Atkinson-Jones

Now this girl’s voice is out of control good. Sharon is afraid of her putting up her guard too much. Sharon decided to give her a seat.

Elysa V

Aussie singer Elysa sang a Meghan Trainor song and made it her own. She got the last seat. Now is where it gets interesting.

Taliah Dalorto

Taliah is a capable performer, no doubt. She’s got a nice sexy, jazzy voice. She replaced Sky with Taliah. I kind of think this was a mistake.

Alisah Bonaobra

Alisah initially didn’t make it through boot camp but they gave her another chance. The problem is that even though she’s got a decent voice, she has no control. Then she kicked Taliah, who just got a chair, out to seat Alisah.

Jenny Ball

There were five girls left and NO seat. Jenny did good and Sharon kicked of Shanaya out…which is a HUGE mistake.


Now this girl can sing. There is no doubt that she was going through. Jenny Ball was kicked out and Deanna was given the seat.

Grace Davies

I mean, c’mon. She got Alisah’s chair. There were others that should have gone before Alisah, though.

Kelsey Gill

It was OK. That’s it. Just OK. Sharon gave her a no, which was the right decision. It didn’t help that Sharon couldn’t quiet the crowd screaming about Alisah.

Georgina Panton

Georgina blew away the judges in the previous rounds. Single mom Georgina is amazing. She got a seat and Elysa was asked to leave.

Then Sharon asked for Rai Elle, Alisah, and Scarlett to have a sing-off. She let Scarlett go and gave Alisah and Rai Elle the last two chairs. The audience would have killed Sharon any other way.

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