American Idol

So, You Want To Audition For ‘American Idol’?

The American Idol reboot on ABC is still a few months away but auditions are happening right now all over our great land. The audition bus is driving from city to city looking for the next big singing sensation. Here is what you need to do to audition for to be the next American Idol.

There are two ways to audition for the show: online or in person. If you decide to go the digital route and do it online, the process is simple. You fill out some questions and then record or upload a video of you singing whatever song you like. Try to do something unexpected and not just the same old stuff the judges have seen a million times. Avoid things like Celine Dion, Adele, or the Annie soundtrack.

But a video is impersonal. It’s hard to really convey your personality on a video. I think it’s better to do it in person. Here are the dates when they are holding open auditions. A couple of the dates in Texas had to be moved because of Hurricane Harvey but they will be rescheduled soon. You pick out a couple of songs and head to the audition. What you have to look forward to is 10 hours or so of standing in line waiting for your turn. They don’t call them cattle calls for nothing. At last you get to perform for the producers. If they like you, you move on to the next set of auditions. This can go on for weeks before they finally perform in front of the judges.

In order to be eligible you have to be between the ages of 15-28, be an American resident or citizen, and not be running for public office. That’s too bad. I bet some of the senators in congress have beautiful voices and booty shaking moves. And that’s it. That’s all you need to become the winner of American Idol. That and talent, luck, and that certain special something. Good luck!