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Ranking Terry Crews’s Best ‘America’s Got Talent’ Outfits

Terry Crews on 'America's Got Talent'Trae Patton/NBC

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Since Terry Crews became the host of America’s Got Talent, he has been showing off some of the coolest getups. Crews is obviously a huge fashion buff, as reflected on his outfits from auditions to the live shows.

Terry Crews’s Best AGT Outfits – Ranked

10. Silver Surfer Suit

The TV host showed off his silver tuxedo during AGT‘s season 17 Semi-Finals 2 episode. This outfit received mixed reactions, but he nevertheless looked fashionable. The look was well complemented with a black and grace striped polo.

9. Chrome Yellow Suit

During season 17’s Qualifiers 2 episode, Crews pretty much signaled a Golden Buzzer moment because of his getup. In an all-yellow tuxedo, Crews brightened the stage alongside live show contenders.

8. Fuchsia Pink Suit

Crews channeled his “fuchsia-ristic” attitude with a vivid pinkish-purplish-red suit amid the show’s season 17 auditions. This wasn’t the first time that Crews wore a pink-toned suit, but every time he does, fans do love his appearance.

7. Salmon Pink Suit

During the first qualifiers show of season 17, Crews put on a white polo layered with a salmon pink suit. This outfit was well-loved by fans, as seen on the comment section of the host’s Instagram post.

6. Godfather Suit

Pairing his shiny pink polo with an all-black suit, Crews definitely sported a nice look during the live shows. He called this getup as the “Godfather of Fashion” outfit, implying his love for anything design.

5. Tangerine Suit

Crews proved that he’s not afraid of bold colors when he wore a tangerine tuxedo in 2021. This outfit was completed with shoes of the same color, which was definitely a wonderful sight on stage.

4. Teal Suit

Terry Crews has rocked teal suits before, but this one with a belted jacket is probably the best teal outfit he’s worn so far. The host himself loved the outfit as well, energetically posing for his OOTN (outfit of the night) photo.

3. Motown 25-Inspired Suit

In a black-and-white-toned suit for season 17’s Finale episode, Crews decided to embrace his love for the Motown 25. Fans did love this outfit, with some even asking where he got the same tailored. The shiny black sequins on the shoulder part as well as his stylish pair of shoes were definitely a bomb feature in this getup.

2. Reese’s Suit

Who would’ve thought that Hershey’s Reese’s could actually be a concept for a tuxedo? Back in September 2021, Crews wore an ombre peanut butter and chocolate colored suit. This outfit is definitely one amazing way to stimulate the crowd, alongside his top-notch hosting skills.

1. Champagne Suit

Among Crews’s well planned AGT looks, the champagne suit is perhaps his best outfit yet. This tuxedo is perfectly matched by another champagne-colored pants, exuding an elegant vibe from Crews. In the upcoming episode of the competition, we sure hope to see outfits like this being worn by the host.

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