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Melanie Martinez Reincarnates as Four-Eyed Creature — What is She Up To Now?

Melanie Martinez performs in AmsterdamPhoto by Dimitri Hakke/Redferns

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Melanie Martinez is reintroducing herself as a musician, if you didn’t know, she recently ditched her signature split hair dye, for a new look. The singer-songwriter has evolved her character into a four-eyed fairy persona, marking her complete musical rebirth. 

Melanie Martinez Signals Death of Crybaby, Embraces Alien Persona

Back in 2012, alternative singer Melanie Martinez introduced herself on The Voice. As part of Team Adam Levine, the “Pacify Her” performer made it until the fifth week of the season. Yet, while her journey on the show was relatively short, that didn’t stop her from shining.

Her 2015 album Cry Baby was a hit, debuting at no. 6 on the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart. Four years later, she released K-12 alongside a film of the same title. In both of these eras, Martinez starred as her alter ego Crybaby, an empath who usually sports pigtails and baby doll dresses. 

Moving from her previous era to the latest, Martinez released her third studio album, Portals. The singer has also completely changed in appearance. From her iconic two-toned hair, she now becomes unrecognizable as a four-eyed pinkish-purple fairy creature. 

With this baffling alien persona, her music style seemed to have evolved as well. Ditching her lullaby singing style, Martinez gave fans a more aggressive tone through Portals. Amid embracing her four-eyed persona, she implies that she came back from the dead.

She Hints Plans of Pursuing a Four-Year Hiatus

While Martinez has just come back from a long break, the singer already expressed her desire to step away from the spotlight. According to her, she’ll be finishing some Portals content, and she plans to be “off cycle again.”

“After this leg of the tour I will be trying to shoot as many [music videos] as possible,” she said. “Ideally for me, shooting all 11 of them together in these three months before I go back out on tour would be nice, because then I can take time to edit them and roll them out. That’s my plan, I’m hoping to achieve that.”

Martinez’s vision is to chill after concluding this era. As she stated, during her MIA phase, she wishes to make sculptures, paint, and hang out with her dogs.

“I take a long time to create my projects, so I’ll usually have four years where I’m just MIA. Not anywhere to be found, just literally at my house making art.”

Indeed, Martinez’s newest era is wonderfully surprising as much as confusing. Nonetheless, this proves that she could go beyond the common in creating her space in the music industry. Now, as she seizes this moment in the limelight, it’s fans’ opportunity to enjoy her until she goes on hiatus again. 

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