Meet the 2022 ‘Eurovision’ France Finalists Ahead of New Season Premiering in May

Jill O'Rourke
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The 12 finalists for Eurovision France 2022 have officially been announced, and you can listen to their songs now. France is just one of the countries competing in this year’s 66th Eurovision Song Contest. The country will hold a competition to decide which artist should represent France at Eurovision this May.

Eurovision France: C’est Vous Qui Décidez will be broadcast on France 2 on Saturday, March 5. Eurovision has released videos of all 12 contestants performing their nominated songs. Last year, France came in second place with the song “Voilà” by Barbara Pravi.

1. Alvan & Ahez

This group is comprise of electronic musician Alvan Morvan Rosius and a singing trio called Ahez (Marine, Sterenn D., and Sterenn L.) who incorporate Breton heritage into their songs. Their submission for Eurovision is “Fulenn,” which describes a Breton legend.

2. Cyprien Zeni

This singer is from Réunion Island, a department of France in the Indian Ocean. His grandfather was singer Maxime Laope. Cyprien was a finalist in Season 10 of The Voice France last year. For Eurovision 2022, he has submitted the song “Ma Famille,” inspired by his family.

3. Elia

This singer has been writing songs and performing music since she was a kid. In 2021, she released the EP OCÉAN. Elia has also released her Eurovision song “Téléphone” as a single, and she even has a stylish music video for the track on her YouTube channel.

4. Elliott

This singer is from originally from Alsace but moved to Paris when he was young. Elliott is part of the French music and humor YouTube channel Cover Garden, and he also works as a dubbing artist for TV and movies. Elliott’s song submission for Eurovision 2022 is “La Tempête,” which he performed on keyboard.

5. Hélène in Paris

For the last 35 years, Hélène worked in fashion and interior design. She recently discovered a love of music, and released her debut single “Just Be You” in 2020. Hélène is originally from Morocco, but she moved to Paris at age 13 and then to the United States. Her song for Eurovision is “Paris Mon Amour.”


6. Joan

This singer is a musical theater performer with an affinity for French classics and Anglo-Saxon folk music. She’s been singing from a young age. For Eurovision, Joan submitted the whimsical song “Madame.”

7. Joanna

This singer from the city of Rennes released the album Sérotonine in 2021. Her 2018 music video for song “Séduction” has racked up over 2 million views on YouTube. In addition to singing, she’s also a model, sharing fashion shots on her Instagram. For Eurovision, Joanna has submitted “Navigateure.”

8. Julia

This Haute-Savoie singer competed in The Voice Kids at age 13. Her mentor is Mylène Farmer, who co-wrote Julia’s debut album Passe… Comme Tu Sais with Laurent Boutonnat. However, Julia co-wrote her own song for Eurovision, called “Chut.”

9. Marius

This singer moved from Lyon to Paris at age 18 to train in musical comedy. His Eurovision song, “Les Chansons D’amour,” was co-written by Igit, who co-wrote last year’s overall runner-up “Voilà.” Will this give him an advantage in the competition?

10. Pauline Chagne

Pauline is a stage actress and songwriter who sings about gender equality in her music. She released her debut EP, Nuit Pauline, last year. The project’s title track is also her submission for Eurovision.

11. Saam

This singer works as a dental surgeon by day while pursuing music by night. He released a self-titled EP last year, and his submission for Eurovision 2022 is “Ile Est Où.”

12. SOA

This musical act features Ludy and Nathan, who are sister and brother. They’re originally from Madagascar but live in Toulouse. The duo competed on The Voice France in 2020, making it all the way to the Knockouts. Their song for Eurovision is called “Seule.”

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