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‘The Masked Singer’ Group B Finals Recap + A DOUBLE Elimination!


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There is no stronger group on The Masked Singer this season than Group B. So with a double elimination on the horizon, we are definitely going to lose some talented singers tonight! And we’re expecting a handful of powerful performances. Two spots in the Super Six are on the line!

But who will be sent home and who will move on? Guest panelist Cheryl Hines joined the judges tonight to decode the clues. Here’s our recap of The Masked Singer Group B Finals:

Who is The Seahorse?

The Seahorse performs “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears on The Masked Singer Group B Finals

Clues: Seahorse’s clues were told by her “spiritual advisor.” He is standing at a pulpit. He says he will “never forget“ the first time she came over, with her standing outside of a house holding an acoustic guitar. A campfire burns in a yard across the street. He describes her as a “girl next door.” We see close-ups of Nashville hot chicken, a Christmas wreath, and two baby dolls. Seahorse’s “game changing” clue was delivered by the Astronaut, Hunter Hayes. The clue was a foam finger that said, “Seahorse has never been in a girl group.”

Performance: Kicking off the night on a high note, the Seahorse sang “…Baby One More Time” by Britney Spears and knocked the roof off the place! She is an amazing performer and an even better vocalist. First of all, it sounded JUST LIKE HER. That in itself is impressive, but the fact that she went above and beyond puts her in a league of her own. Seahorse is the one to beat!

Judges’ Guesses: Jenny predicted Seahorse could be Kesha. Guest panelist Cheryl Hines guessed American Idol‘s Kellie Pickler. Ken thought it must be Sia.

Who is The Crocodile?

The Crocodile performs “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis on The Masked Singer Group B Finals

Clues: The Crocodile’s clues are told by one of his closest friends, who appears at a radio station. He claims Croc is his “ride or die.” Once, they traveled to six continents in 100 hours, he explains while playing with a toy plane and boat. His friend also says he’s a “total softie.” He mentions that Crocodile plays video games, explaining that he’ll go “step by step” to get a high score. A house of cards appears in the background throughout the clues. At the end, the camera pans over to a “Lucky Lizard” scratchers card with the top prize of $130,000,000. Crocodile’s game changing clue was delivered by the Bee, Gladys Knight. He flipped over a card that read, “Croc was in a huge cult classic movie.”

Performance: Singing “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis, this performance was straight up emotional. Crocodile showed off his singing skills in a whole new way. He seems to completely reinvent himself every time he’s on stage, which makes him fun to watch. You never know what to expect!

Judges’ Guesses: Ken pieces together clues pointing to Jared Leto. Nicole predicted Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block. Robin thought Crocodile might be American Idol runner-up and star of From Justin to Kelly, Justin Guarini.

Who is The Whatchamacallit?

The Whatchamacallit performs “Lean Back” by The Terror Squad on The Masked Singer Group B Finals

Clues: Whatchamacallit had his clues read by his high school teacher/mentor. We see a coffee pot and a crown, as his mentor explains he “had a good head on his shoulders.” He tells a story about how Whatchamacallit took a senior to Prom his sophomore year. When he hit the dance floor, he busted out some “serious moves.” Finally, we see a small figurine of a Queen guard and a set of ping pong paddles with three ping pong balls. For Whatchamacallit’s game changing clue, Ice Cream (Ninja) brought out a banner that said “Whatcha already won a championship.”

Performance: You gotta love the energy Whatchamacallit brings every time he takes the stage. And this cover of “Lean Back” was no exception! He doesn’t have the best voice or rhythm, but he’s at the very least entertaining. All the panelists were dancing along with him!

Judges’ Guesses: Ken predicted that Whatchamacallit could be Lonzo Ball, but Robin doesn’t think so. Nicole agreed with the NBA sentiment, guessing Carmelo Anthony. Cheryl Hines thought it might be J.B. Smoove.

Who is The Serpent?

The Serpent performs “Cool” by Jonas Brothers on The Masked Singer Group B Finals

Clues: Serpent’s clues start with him talking about how “surreal” this experience is. His clues were told by his college roommate. Serpent’s college roommate is seen in a dorm room with pennants, posters, and foam fingers behind him. He talks about how they were broke and moved into a cheap apartment together. The camera zooms in on “Good Peanut Butter” and “Good Mayo” jars. Until one day, when everything changed. “Serpent wasn’t looking for fame, fame found him.” A light switch goes on, bringing up sunflowers behind him. Then, we see a bucket filled with soapy water, gloves, and a sponge. Lastly, an ambulance is shown and Serpent’s roommate tells him to “imagine” himself in the Super Six.

Eagle brought out Serpent’s game changing clue, which said “Serpent has sung with one of you before.”

Performance: Showing off an impressive falsetto, Serpent sang “Cool” by the Jonas Brothers. He has a lot of vocal endurance, especially in a song that requires this many high notes and this much energy. Serpent nailed this one!

Judges’ Guesses: Based on the game changing clue, Ken thought Serpent was Jamie Foxx. Cheryl Hines guessed Donald Faison, who she appeared on Scrubs with. Nicole predicted her After The Mask duet partner from last season, Dr. Elvis.

A Double Elimination in The Masked Singer Group B Finals!

After all the performances, Nick Cannon announced the Seahorse was safe from elimination. But Whatchamacallit was the first to be sent home!

Now it was time for Whatchamacallit’s reveal. Nick got the panelists’ predictions and he was unmasked.

Whatchamacallit is revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Finals

It was…NBA player, Lonzo Ball!

Next up, the Crocodile moved on to the Super Six, dodging elimination one more week, meaning the second celebrity going home tonight was the Serpent. And he was revealed to be…

The Serpent is revealed on The Masked Singer Group B Finals

Dr. Elvis Francois!

Panelists predicted the celebrities under both masks this week! Shoutout to them for the correct guesses. We even saw Ken get pretty emotional talking about Dr. Elvis. What a sweet moment!

Stay tuned! We’ll be back again next week for The Masked Singer Group C Finals on Thursday. In the meantime, check out our recaps on YouTube! (And you may even find out who the Seahorse is this week!)

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