Let’s Say Goodbye To The ‘AGT’ Acts That Left Us Last Week

It’s a sad fact that not all of the acts on America’s Got Talent can make it to the finals. But that’s how it goes. It is a competition, after all. Still, when we get to the semi-finals level we’ve grown attached to some of them and we hate to see them go. Here are some of their farewell interviews.

Maybe the most controversial of the performers that did not move on to the final last week is Celine Tam. She was up against Angelica Hale. If our comments are any indication, there were a lot of Celine fans out there that are none too pleased. Many are even conspiring to vote against Angelica, which seems a bit much. The other act that people felt should have gone to the finale is robot boy dancer Merrick Hanna. Even though he popped and locked his way into our hearts, America did not agree.

So, we bid them all a fond farewell and wish them luck in wherever this experience takes them.


Jack Tomas
Jack Tomas

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