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Kara Keough Donates Her 6-Day-Old Baby’s Organs and Her Breastmilk After Tragic Death

Kara Keough Donated Her 6-Day-Old Baby's Organs After Death, Wanter Her Son's Short Life To 'Matter'Instagram

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Kara Keough gave birth at home with a midwife because of COVID-19 cases in the hospitals but during her at-home birth, her son suffered a rare complication called shoulder dystocia. He died six days later, leaving Kara and her entire family devastated.


On April 6, Kara gave birth at home but was rushed to the hospital. Although her son, McCoy was resuscitated, he passed away 6 days later. Before his death, he got to spend time with her husband Kyle and daughter Decker.


Of her short time with her son, Kara said, ‘We got some milestones we didn’t think we’d get. We got to change his diaper. I got to get peed on, which is a boy-mom thing I didn’t think I’d ever get. We got to hold him, we got to feel warmth in his body.’

Kara and Kyle decided to donate their son’s organs after his birth.

The two want to make their son’s short life meaningful. 

Kyle explained, “we had a strong son and he fought every second of his life. Now we’ve got to figure out how to make his life meaningful.”

“We want his life to mean as much to as many people as possible and to let all the positive ripples of his life be there.”

Their son McCoy was eligible for organ donation and stayed on life support for an additional 3 days to find a match.

Kara said, “He got to end up giving his heart valves to other kids so that he can kind of live on through them. The milk that was meant for him went to an adoptive mom who has a baby in the NICU.”

Like most parents dealing with a loss, they are trying to make McCoy’s life matter.

Kara Keough’s Post To ‘Instead Mamas’

In an Instagram post, Kara shared how she’s coping, “you would have been 3 weeks old today. You would be “waking up” and showing us more of you. I would be getting the hang of being a mom of two. My milk would be regulating to your schedule. Your sister would be asking questions about your belly button and you would have peed on her at least once by now. Daddy would be sending texts to his football buddies about how our giant baby boy could probably already out-lift them.”

She added, “We would be laughing that you never fit into newborn diapers, not even for one day. I’d be exhausted, leaking, and happy.
Instead… we’re missing you.
To all my fellow “instead” mamas…. thank you for reminding me that we’re not alone and that we can survive this. He didn’t, but we have to. And we will.”

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