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Howie Mandel Talks to Psychic, Revisits Comedic Experience During His Dad’s Funeral

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America’s Got Talent judge Howie Mandel has bravely taken the challenge to talk to psychic Tyler Henry and relive the saddest day of his life. Mandel also attempted to let go of his longtime guilt involving his father’s death and recalled a series of messy events during his dad’s funeral. 

Howie Mandel Reveals Guilt Regarding His Dad’s Death

Although skeptical of psychics, Mandel gave Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry a chance to summon significant memories of his life. The comedian was admittedly nervous prior to Henry’s reading but nonetheless proceeded with the session.

Seconds after Henry began scribbling on blank paper, the clairvoyant murmured “Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad,” and stated that an individual is talking about his “ability to breathe.” Mandel then explained that his father passed away in 1989 due to lung cancer.


Continuing with his reading, Henry then asked Mandel if there’s any guilt that he needs to let go in some way concerning his faith. This rang a bell for the comedian, prompting him to share one memory about his father.

“In the High Holidays, we would walk to the temple and when I was a little guy, we’d count, we’d guess how many steps it was the temple. So, when he passed away, every time I go to Temple, that’s my connection still to my father. And this particular year, the Finale of America’s Got Talent ended up on the highest Jewish Holiday,” he said. “This is the first year I’m not able to celebrate and I have tremendous guilt.”

Mandel went on and thanked Henry for “relinquishing that guilt.” He then revealed that he was wearing the glasses that his dad passed in. 

He Details Hilarious Experience While Sitting Shiva For Father’s Death

Elsewhere in the session, Henry read that there were people “joking around” due to a “series of unfortunate events” at a funeral. This reading immediately rang a bell to Mandel, who then recalled a comic memory while mourning his father. For those who may not know, Mandel is close with his Jewish roots, so following his father’s funeral he sat Shiva. Sitting Shiva is a week-long mourning period for close relatives to the deceased. This typically takes place in a family members’ home.

“Some guy came and he goes ‘Are you the son?’ and I said yes, and he goes ‘I just want to tell you I was a friend of your father and he was a wonderful man.’ And I said, ‘Thank you,” he said. “And he said, ‘Whenever he sang, it just uplifted the whole room.’ My father never sang.’”

Mandel then revealed that it turned out the man came at the wrong house. He proceeded to detail the next experience, which apparently was the worst yet the funniest. According to Mandel, a friend of his father suddenly rushed out in the middle of his visit, while dropping a “candy.”

“So I picked up the candy to try to get him but he had gone, but it wasn’t a candy,” he said. “He has a stomach disorder. And I picked up and I thought it was a candy, and I screamed … yes, it was poop.”

The situation led both Mandel and his mom to scream. This made people think they were extremely in pain of his father’s death. 

“They have no idea that we’re both just screaming because there’s poop in my hand,” he said. “The worst day of my life was laugh after laugh after ridiculous laugh.”

Ending the session, Mandel stated that it’s the first time he’s shared such stories publicly. Nonetheless, Henry made sense of it, saying that it’s probably because Mandel’s dad is okay with the burial being funny.

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