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‘Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns’ Marks Half-Way Point with Cook for Your Life Challenge

Hell's Kitchen Young GunsScott Kirkland / FOX

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This episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen may have started with a dance party, but it ended with the dramatic Cook for Your Life Challenge. Season 20 is the noted Young Guns series featuring 18 chefs, all 24 years old or younger. As the show hit its halfway point, the young chefs had the opportunity to let their individual skills save their spot in the competition.

The first challenge this week was a classic. Each team had to cook the five entree items of the Hell’s Kitchen menu in a relay style. Each pair of chefs had only five minutes in the kitchen before they had to rotate out. As they left the kitchen, the chefs communicated all they accomplished to the next two chefs.

The Red Team won in a landslide three dishes to one and were rewarded with a day of zip-lining. Meanwhile, the Blue Team was left to sort through trash for recyclables. This is the one punishment that leads to gagging and vomiting absolutely every season. Viewer discretion is advised.

Young Guns Cook for their Lives in Classic Challenge

After their reward and punishment, the chefs were all ready to take it easy. True to Hell’s Kitchen form, the moment they all settled in for a relaxing night, the chefs were called to Ramsay’s office for one-on-one meetings.

All the young chefs were star-struck being so close to Ramsay and commented on his “pretty eyes.” Meanwhile, Ramsay was paying close attention as usual.

In the classic twist, Chef took the information gathered during his individual meetings to determine five chefs who to compete in the Cook For Your Life Challenge. Three chefs from the Red Team and two chefs from the Blue Team were tasked with creating a dish to save their spot.

“Prove to me that you still belong in the competition,” Ramsay said.

The chefs selected to cook in the final challenge had 45 minutes to create unique dishes using Brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes, green apples, bourbon, and pork chops. The rest of their teammates watched on comfortably from the lounge.

Despite some major issues (including chefs who completely forgot some of the mandatory ingredients), early-standout Keanu was eliminated.

“Keanu has many of the important attributes required to be a great chef,” Ramsay said “But when her pork went up in flames, so did her chances of continuing in this competition.”

Hell’s Kitchen: Young Guns continues next week for the final episode before Black Jackets are given to the Top 8 chefs.

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