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Gwen Stefani Ditches Her Signature Bold Red Lipstick

Gwen Stefani performs at Spotify wrapped with "A Totally Normal Party for 2021"Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify

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Everybody knows her signature makeup look, that heavy and dark cat eyes complemented by an exquisite red lip. Now in her early fifties, Gwen Stefani steps away from her comfort zone as she explores nude and lighter shades of lipstick. The new chapter in her makeup, signifies her more free, badass, and authentic self.

Gwen Stefani Launches Pink and Berry Shades in Makeup Line GXVE

Believing that non-red shades did not suit her, Stefani never tried wearing lighter hues of makeup years ago. However, her growth in age prompted her to do so.

“I just want to look as good as I can at any age, like we all do, and share that quality makeup truly does make a big difference in how you feel,” she told LVR Magazine. “The magic is in the makeup.”

Stefani shared that her aging process spurred her to grab the chance of trying different shades. In addition, she told that as her face constantly changes, there is urge to look different and in the best possible way she can. This recurring The Voice coach has been open with collaborating with makeup artists and finds joy in figuring out that a distinct type of glam suits her.

GXVE’s Lipstick Shades Hold a Sentimental Value

With Stefani introducing new colors of lipstick in her brand, she also revealed that she has an emotional attachment in naming these shades.

Stefani expressed that GXVE’s shade name tells a lot about her history. In her collection of lipsticks, shade names are referenced in her teenage years. Growing up in Anaheim, California, the shade ‘Rosewood St’ is inspired by the first street where she love on as a young girl. The shade ‘Loara’ is her high school, and ‘Stomp Box’ was No Doubt’s rehearsal studio. Meanwhile, ‘Original Recipe’ is a deep, luscious red which was her signature lip shade.

“The names all hold special places in my heart,” she told LVR Magazine.

In the 2022 Met Gala, she wore a neutral shade which completed her iconic neon gown by Vera Wang. Even though we love her

Stefani Redefines Her Career Through Makeup

Stefani has proven herself as one of the most listened to artists of all time, so it’s no surprise that she’s ready to take a break from her busy career. In turn, she’s venturing into an entrepreneurial venture, GXVE.

“It was a desire and a passion within me that I had to share. Sort of like a prayer that’s been answered. So, I ask myself, ‘what is my purpose, how can I be creative, how do I reach people?’ That’s how I look at everything I’ve ever done. It doesn’t matter what lane it’s in. It’s a creative thing that I need to share with others,” she stated.

Like several others, Stefani regards makeup as a medium for empowerment. She recognizes that makeup is something that not only females, but people across all genders love. Therefore, launching GXVE allowed her to construct a platform wherein people can feel good about themselves.

Stefani is a known figure in the industry of makeup, fashion, and music. Subsequently, GXVE is not separate from other stuff she explored. It’s not a brand that is largely driven to profit, but a passion project that licensed her to flaunt her lasting addiction over makeup.

Regardless of Stefani’s upcoming looks, we’re excited to see her return to The Voice this fall. She’s returning to the cast alongside her husband Blake Shelton, John Legend, and Camila Cabello.

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