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Chayce Beckham Calls ‘American Idol’ Alums, Judges ‘One Big Family’

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American Idol Season 19 winner Chayce Beckham recently opened up about his experience after the show, sharing that his fellow contestants have become like a family. He also said he keeps in touch with the show’s judges.

Chayce Beckham Calls ‘American Idol’ Alums a Family

In a recent interview with Parade, Chayce shared that he’s still in touch with friends he made on the show. His friends include fellow finalists Willie Spence and Grace Kinstler. He recently performed a Nashville show with several alums, including fellow Season 19 singer Casey Bishop.

“We all follow each other and keep in touch. I’ve kept in touch with Willie this past year, Grace too, a lot of people from the show, like my good friends, Hunter Metts and Graham DeFranco,” Beckham said. “It’s cool. It’s like one big family, everybody from prior seasons or the most recent seasons all get together still.”

Chayce has even gotten to hang out with contestants from the show’s early days, such as Season 2 winner Ruben Studdard. The singer shared that he had participated in a writers’ round in Nashville that featured Studdard. As Chayce said, “everybody from the Idol family, we all keep in touch and love on each other.”

The same goes for the show’s judges. Chayce says Luke Bryan has been “a good mentor,” joking that the judge “can’t get rid of me.” He’s also seen both Katy Perry and Lionel Richie since his time on the show.



Chayce Has a New Song Called ‘Keeping Me Up All Night’

Chayce recently released a new song called “Keeping Me Up All Night.” The singer has left the song’s meaning up to listener interpretation at this time.

“I still see your shadow on my wall / Still hear you tiptoe down that hall / Still taste your cabernet lips on mine / You’re still keeping me up all night,” he sings in the song.

The singer told Parade that the track is “about what it feels like whenever someone has left your life and that feeling of anxiety or separation anxiety you get whenever someone’s not there for you anymore.”

“When I listen to it, it’s cool because I feel like it could touch on so many different subjects for people,” Chayce continued, “whether it’s somebody that left you by choice or someone that left you because they didn’t have a choice, or maybe someone who passed away. It’s about being stuck inside your head, not being able to sleep, and just that feeling of missing that person.”

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